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2018 Author's Journal

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This page was created to provide additional training and explanations to help you make the most of the 2018 Author's Journal so you can shoot for the stars in the coming year. You will find a combination of videos and printables provided by Audrey Hughey and her generous friends listed according to the section each supports. 

Section 1


Section 2

My Vision

Click HERE to watch the recorded workshop

Writing Success in 2018: Effective Planning Strategies to Reach Your Publishing Goals in 2018

Jessica Rodriguez on Identifying Your Top 4 Priorities

Although Jessica refers to "business" in this video, it is completely and absolutely applicable to authors and the "writing business." So, when she says "business," she means your "writing business." 



on FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube, and on her lovely website.

Moving Through Fear and Self-Doubt

Get your guide to overcoming fear...

Section 3

My Manuscripts

Using and Adapting This Section

Section 4

My Editing Process

Using and Adapting This Section

Section 5

My Story Ideas

Using and Adapting This Section

Section 6

My Reading List

Audrey's Recommendations for your Professional Development Reading List

Writing - Craft

Writing - Skills


The above links are Amazon affiliate links. The affiliate commission I earn from referring great books that I do believe will support your growth and progress is not extracted from the author's earnings. Any commission goes directly to hosting and maintaining this page.

Section 7

My 2018 Expenses

Using and Adapting This Section

Download your Authorship Tracker Spreadsheet

Using the Authorship Tracker

Section 8

My Marketing Plan

Part 1

Part 2

Section 9

My Year

A Message from Jessica Rodriguez on Overcoming Obstacles

A note from Jenn Rodriguez

It's so easy to feel unaccomplished and feeling like another year has gone by without you moving the needle forward in your business and life.


Even though I mostly help female entrepreneurs, everything in this video can be applied to authors as well.


You may feel at times that you’re not where you want to be, but you are where you’re meant to be. It’s about enjoying the journey.



It's possible?!



Why, yes, it is!


By celebrating yourself!

STOP and look back at what you’ve accomplished.


The times you’ve sat down and written one sentence or one page.

Those times you've sent emails to your list about your book.

That one time you went on LIVE and shared your message.

Or the time you actually got up and put pants on instead of being in PJs all day.


No accomplishment is too small!

More often than not, not reaching a certain goal in our business and life can leave us feeling like a failure.


Like, not reaching six-figures in six months or

Not being able to write a book in a matter of days.

If we measure our success by all the things we haven't accomplished, then we'll always look at ourselves as a failure and it will slowly eat away at our self-confidence.


Build and strengthen your confidence throughout the year.

Make it a daily habit.




Well, I'm glad you asked!


  1. Stop comparing yourself to others' idea of “success.”

  2. Take credit for your own success - the time and energy you’ve put into researching,  learning and writing.

  3. Keep a file of all the nice things people have said about your work.

  4. When in doubt, get back in touch with why you started this journey in the first place.

  5. Share your writing with the world and share it often.


These simple yet effective 5 steps will help you build and strengthen your confidence.


Start releasing that doubt and fear that tends to creep in, leaving you paralyzed and unmotivated to keep going.


Own your worth in minutes so that you can start creating the aligned impact you want with your writing and in your life.


Grab The Confident Mindset Guide to help further with these 5 steps.







The Confidence Mindset Guide

Monthly Reflection & Planning

Explain each page of this section.

Section 1 - Reflections and Priorities

Section 2 - Using the Monthly Social Media Plan

Section 3 - Collaboration, Advertising, and Weekly Planner

Why do I include "water intake" and health goals in this planner?

In the modern age of information, we all "know" that we should be staying hydrated and eating a healthy diet. But why should we be doing those things? Well, it's definitely not meant just to cave to social pressure. As writers, brain health is truly critical to every part of our process.


In this journal, I wanted to share ways with you some ways that you can get on the road to improved cognitive function if you're not already operating at your peak. I hope you enjoy the video below, provided by Yuliya Chernykhovskaya, the founder of NeuroBox


BONUS: The amazing Yuliya has provided a 10% discount on ANY subscription for the authors who arrive at this page! Copy this code: AUTHOR10 then go HERE and click "subscribe" to select your Neuro Box! 


Quarterly Reflect & Resolve

An explanation of the various pages in this comprehensive section.

Quarterly Reflect and Resolve

Section 10

My 2018 Reflection

Section 11

My Musings

Additional Resources

As an added benefit of making the 2018 Author's Journal a part of your journey, I am happy to invite you to enjoy a 14-Day Trial of the

Author Transformation Alliance.

You will have immediate access to our entire library of full courses, guest expert masterclasses, workshops, walkthroughs, and the exclusive challenges and goodies featured in our members-only Facebook group. We can't wait to welcome you to the Alliance!

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