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The 2022
Author's Planner!

January - December 2022
If you have big goals for your writing and publishing, then The 2022 Author's Planner is going to help you stay on track and turn your dreams into reality. You can have the wild success you've been chasing, you only need the tools to keep you disciplined, committed, and accountable each week. 

Aspiring & Published Authors...

Do you ever feel like you're spinning your wheels? Like you're too overwhelmed to figure out what to do next? Or like you've been living the same month or year over and over again?

Meet the planner that
challenges you to transform yourself every single month. The monthly and quarterly reviews also help you figure out what actions will finally result in achieving the writing and sales growth progress you've been chasing.

If we don't
find ways to transform ourselves, then our situations and circumstances will persist, like infinite re-runs of Groundhog Day.

We are meant for more than that. YOU are meant for more than that.

This planner is designed to be
your all-in-one day planner and writing-career coach, helping you organize your writing life, build effective business systems, and keep you on a clear path to achieve your writing and publishing goals. 

Planner Details:
- 8.5" x 11"
- Coil-bound
- 376 Pages
- Two cover options: Typewriter or Pens & Watch

Your choice:
a) PDF version of my Essential Book Launch Planner
b) Coil-bound Monthly Writing Focus Planner
c) 6-Months of ATA membership
Your planner will include:

My Vision: Get clarity on your ultimate vision for your writing life.

My 2022: After outlining your ultimate vision, build an
actionable plan for creating massive success in 2022.

My Manuscripts: Keep track of your progress on your
most important manuscripts for the year.

My Marketing Plan: No more winging it, no more throwing spaghetti at the wall! This section helps you take a structured, thoughtful, and systematic approach to build a
marketing plan that works for your life and your budget.

My Year: Welcome to your new accountability partner! The quarterly, monthly, and weekly layouts help you build an action plan to keep you on track to 
achieving your writing, publishing, and sales goals. The reviews encourage you to think critically about what is and isn't working so you can build a better plan in the coming month.

More: Dedicated sections to track your monthly
income & expenses, keep your story ideas from getting lost in random notebooks around your house, track your submissions to agents/awards/contests, a section to track your reading goals and progress, review your accomplishments and progress at the end of the year, and even a section to systematically develop and refine your editing process.

Limited 15% discount
and your choice of bonus gift!

Essential Book Launch Planner.png
Bonus Gift - Option A | ($14.99 Value)

PDF beta version of my Essential Book Launch Planner. This launch-focused planner guides your research, launch goal-setting, and detailed strategic launch planning.

This planner also contains guided support on:
- Reviewing past launches for which tactics worked and which ones didn't 
- Planning around
your time, energy, and budget
- Integrating individual tactics into a coherent launch strategy
- Developing a detailed launch timeline so you can plan ahead and know exactly what to do and when.
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Bonus Gift - Option B | ($12.99 Value)

This A5-sized coil-bound Monthly Writing Focus Planner is the perfect size to carry around with you! If you've been struggling to finish your current WIP, then this mighty little planner is going to be your new best friend! It is designed to keep you laser-focused on your single most important writing goal so you can achieve that goal sooner!
Over 50 courses, classes, and walkthroughs; private community; + accountability and suppor
Bonus Gift - Option C | ($222 Value)

When you choose option C, you'll get SIX MONTHS of membership in the Author Transformation Alliance! What do we offer? 
  • Access to our library of over 50 courses, guest expert masterclasses, and guided walkthroughs

  • Downloadables and printables to guide your learning and implementation

  • Live Q&A sessions with unlimited replay access 

  • Quick-boost training guides for growing your following and getting your book in front of more readers.


"But, Audrey, I can't choose just one!"
You don't have to!

You can choose one bonus gift at no cost, then add on any extras you want at a discount!
If you want more than one of the goodies offered as a bonus gift for preordering The 2022 Author's Planner, you have the option to Add On any number of extras for an additional (but discounted) charge. The discount on Add Ons is my extra way of saying 'thank you' for supporting me and The 2022 Author's Planner!
Check out the discounts on these extras!
Here's the breakdown on your exclusive discounts for add-ons:-
If you choose an add-on, you will get your chosen add-on at a discount.
- Add-on the Essential Book Launch Planner for a $5 discount. Regular: $14.99. You pay $9.99.   
- Add-on the Monthly Writing Focus Planner for a $3 discount. Regular: $12.99. You pay $9.99.   
- Add-on SIX months of ATA membership for a $125 discount. Regular: $222. You pay $97. 

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- $10 shipping for everyone, even international customers, unless you'd like expedited shipping.
- Orders take 3-6 weeks to process, print, ship, and arrive to you (depending on your location). 

- Those who choose the coil-bound Monthly Writing Focus Planner will see their bonus gift shipped together with their coil-bound 2022 Planner.
- Order processing and shipments begin no later than October 1st, 2021 to ensure all preorder customers receive their planner well ahead of the new year.
- The Essential Book Launch Planner (PDF) will be delivered to your registered email address no later than October 1st, 2021.
- Be certain about which cover version you want for your 2022 Author Planner and (if chosen) your Monthly Writing Focus Planner!
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Returns & Refunds
- If your package arrives damaged, please take pictures before opening! Then take pictures of any damage to or defects in your planner(s). Send directly to me via email and I'll work on getting you a replacement. We cannot refund or exchange planners once they have been written in. 
- Unfortunately, we are unable to process refunds for international orders. Exchanges will be available for planners damaged during shipping or containing printing errors. 
- If you are in the US and find yourself unhappy with your 2022 Author's Planner, you have 7 days after receiving to reach out for a refund. Send an email to for further instructions.
Want more?
- If you want more than one of the goodies offered as a bonus gift for preordering The 2022 Author's Planner, you have the option to Add-On any number of extras for an additional (but discounted) charge. The discount on Add-Ons is my extra way of saying 'thank you' for supporting me and The 2022 Author's Planner! 
Pricing and Discounts
- The standard price of the new dated planners is $39.95 through the end of February of the dated year. 
- The 15% discount brings your cost down to $33.95.
- This discount will only be offered during the preorder period. All other discount opportunities will be offered directly through and are random and unpredictable (except for Black Friday / Cyber Monday).
- If you choose an add-on, you will get your chosen add-on at a discount.
   - Add-on the Essential Book Launch Planner for a $5 discount. Regular: $14.99. You pay $9.99
   - Add-on the Monthly Writing Focus Planner for a $3 discount. Regular: $12.99. You pay $9.99.
   - Add-on six months of ATA membership for a $125 discount. Regular: $222. You pay $97. 
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"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

As a mom, wife, author, and freelancer, I know how overwhelming it can be to manage everything. For a long time, I struggled to balance the needs of my family, my education, job, freelancing, and my passion for writing fiction. I kept trying basic planners, and I kept failing. Bit by bit, I began to experiment and change my approach. Then, I began developing systems, similar to the built-in personnel management systems I had experienced during my 14 years in the US Army.

I combined those experiences with my love for organization and planning, and designed a planner that would help me holistically balance my life so I could continue to pursue my fiction seriously, including publishing and marketing my work.

Before I knew it, The 2018 Author's Journal was published and being shared with the world in December of 2017. Every year since, the planner has evolved, being refined with my own observations and, most importantly, the feedback of hard-working, committed authors around the world. 
Although a few have said my dated Author's Planner (and its non-dated sister edition, The Ultimate Authorship Planner) is trying to be everything to everyone, I assure you, it is not.
  • It is for the author who is tired of losing important notes in all those lovely, random notebooks we can't stop ourselves from buying.
  • It is for the author who sometimes feels overwhelmed by everything there is to do when it comes to writing, editing, publishing, and marketing a book, nonetheless a series or entire backlist.  
  • It is for the author who is serious about hitting the next level of success in their authorship.
  • It is for the author who knows they can do better with accountability, systems, and guided reviews and planning.
  • It is for the author who can't stand to live the same month or year over and over again.

Whether you've published fifty books or you're working on publishing your first, I've designed this planner to help you stay on track to achieve each new milestone and stay organized on your way to bringing your dreams to life.
The planner certainly helps me, and I'm constantly honored and humbled by the messages and emails I receive about how it's helping other authors across the spectrums of publishing experience and genre. 

I believe the path to achieving our individual, ideal vision as authors is a heck of a lot easier to traverse when we are clear on our priorities and have an organized and flexible system to keep us balanced.
My hope for you is that you have every tool at your disposal to keep you focused on the end goal and to keep you organized so the hard times don't derail you. I want you to keep going, even when things are hard, even when things don't go exactly to plan. Keep getting back up on your feet, keep dusting yourself off, and keep moving toward the horizon.
You can do this, fellow writer. Keep your aim on the horizon, and take it one step at a time. 
Warmest Wishes,

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