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2022 Spring Writing Retreat

Virtual Replay-Only Retreat Ticket

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Hey, author!
Although the live retreat is over, you can catch all the goodness of the replays and participate in the group discussions and additional live implementation sessions.
As a virtual retreat ticket holder, you'll receive access to our private retreat group. This is where you'll find all of the replays and be able to connect with the instructors and other retreat-goers.

What if I want to speak with an instructor after the live class is over? Our instructors are so excited about this retreat and helping other writers that they're going to be available to be tagged in the group for questions and we will have multiple live Q&A sessions in the weeks after the retreat.
Light as a Feather
 Our theme continues from previous years because it is crucial to restoration and weaving joy throughout our writing practice. "Light as a Feather" is our theme, and through this, our intention is to help you create an author's life that is wholistically easier, more enjoyable, and filled with freedom and joy.
All of our workshops, activities, and group time will hold this intention and together we'll work on how we can make writing, publishing, marketing, and your day-to-day life as an author easier, more enjoyable, and furthermore fulfilling. 
The Virtual Ticket:
How it Works
After you purchase your retreat ticket, you will request to be added to our private retreat group where all the classes and workshops will be organized and easy to work through.

This means you can set up your own "retreat" days whenever you wish and work through the presentations at your leisure. Also, if you can't make a particular session, that's okay! We'll have replays of everything!
The Investment: $30 for 3 days of classes
For just $10 per day, you'll have access to all the class replays, our private retreat group, and live implementation sessions after the retreat so you'll get all your questions answered and support for implementing what you learned.
Each attendee will have: 
🌟 Unlimited, permanent access to over $1,000 in classes and workshops
🌟 Two Live follow-up and Q&A/Implementation sessions in the private retreat group ($194 value)
🌟 Opportunities to connect with instructors, network with fellow writers, and expand your writing group
🌟 Permanent access to all printable and downloadable workbooks and add-on content
🌟 A retreat ticket that totals in value to well over $1,200!

Available class replays:

  • Welcome session and creative writing exercises with Audrey Hughey

  • Writing with the Senses with Mary Decker

  • Marketing: Build Your Author Media Kit with K. McCoy

  • Simple Scheduling for Maximum Writing with Audrey

  • Book Covers 101 with Nydia Pastoriza 

  • Crafting Memorable Characters with Mary Decker

  • Advanced Sprinting with K. McCoy

  • Writing Cinematic Fiction with Jenni Frontera

  • Self-Edit or Rewrite? with Maggie Duncan

  • Creative writing exercises with Audrey Hughey

  • Writing: Getting Started with Maggie Duncan

  • Scrivener Demo & Support Session with Mary Decker

  • Mobile Photography for Authors with Nydia Pastoriza

  • Self-Editing Techniques with Audrey Hughey

  • Publishing Audiobooks with Draft 2 Digital and Findaway Voices with K. McCoy

  • Amazon A+ Content with Nydia Pastoriza

  • Better Book Descriptions with Tom Fowler

  • Short-Form Video Content with Audrey Hughey

  • Day 3 Intro and Writing Exercises with K. McCoy

  • Worldbuilding: Creative Alternative Cultures with Mary Decker

  • Diversity in Writing with K. McCoy

  • Email 101 with Tom Fowler

  • Self-Care for Authors with Taryn

  • Writer Grit with Audrey

  • Final Q&A, Retreat Wrap-Up; Feedback & Surveys; Doorprize winners announcements

Here is our summer Q&A and Implementation Live Sessions Schedule:

- June 10, 6:00 PM EDT: Implementation/Q&A Session
- July 15, 12:00 PM EDT: Implementation/Q&A Session

And if you can't attend any. of the calls live, you can still post your questions in the event, and I'll answer them on the call - the sessions will be recorded so you can review them at your own pace. You won't miss out on anything! 

Your Instructors
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Audrey Hughey​

Audrey Hughey is the founder of the Author Transformation Alliance, a community dedicated to uplifting and empowering authors at all stages to reach their vision of success step-by-step with a powerful network of support to guide them. With social media and the current state of the internet, authors no long need to go it alone or guess their way through the ever-evolving landscape of modern marketing.


Nydia Pastoriza

Nydia is an innovative, creative, hybrid designer and businesswoman in Charlotte, NC. She follows her love for all forms of art: design, photography, music, writing, and more. She pours that love into her work as a designer, photographer, and author. She continues to develop her skills to deliver effective designs, beautiful photography and hopeful stories. She debuted her first romance novel Candid in 2018.


Taryn Bromser-Kloeden


Taryn Noelle Kloeden is a lover of nature and all things furry, scaled, and feathered. She has practiced yoga for over a decade and is a certified instructor specializing in deep, restorative poses and guided meditations. She is especially passionate about helping her fellow writers and academics learn to unwind and refresh through yoga's physical and spiritual teachings.


J.R. Frontera


J. R. (Jeni) Frontera has been writing and learning the craft and business of writing for over 20 years, and fully embraced indie authordom in 2013. She co-founded the Kansas City local writing group known as The Wordwraiths and is co-owner of their publishing imprint, Wordwraith Books. For the last five years, she’s been helping other authors improve their craft as a freelance editor. When she’s not writing, momming, or working at her full-time day job, she’s often horseback riding, playing videogames, or cosplaying.


Neece McCoy

K. McCoy wants to live in a world where the LGBTQA community is allowed to live and thrive in peace. As an Independent Writer, she has just finished her first novella, MAGIX, and is now looking for someplace sunny to celebrate before scheduling her next soap opera- and hallyu-infused story. When she is not baking or playing Cards against Humanity with her friends, you can find her writing down new ideas and concepts somewhere sunny or discovering new music on online. 


Mary Decker

Mary Decker is a software developer with over 30 years of experience in software development, software testing, and technical writing.  She has participated in fiction contests for the past six years and her work is featured in several local and international anthologies.  She has also worked as a journalist, editor and plot doctor on numerous projects over the past five years.


P.A. Duncan

P. A. Duncan is a retired bureaucrat with an overactive imagination. A commercial pilot and former flight instructor and federal aviation safety official, she now lives and writes about spies in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia--when she's not cheering for the New York Yankees, watching NASCAR, or spoiling grandchildren.


Tom Fowler


Tom Fowler is a writer from Baltimore. His two ongoing series are the C.T. Ferguson Mysteries and the John Tyler Thrillers. He still lives in Maryland and sets his stories in his hometown. While Tom’s full-time job is in IT security, his first love is writing. He’s been an indie author since 2017. Tom’s stories are full of action, snark, and flawed heroes. He lives in Silver Spring with his wife and daughter. 

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