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"I would say that this program is one worth investing your money in. Unlike many mentorships that promise to give you inspiration and guidance, Audrey actually provides step-by-step tutorials, webinars, tips and suggestions that can be applied to writing and publishing a book. They're easy to understand and provide an intimate approach that makes me (the writer) feel like Audrey really cares about my success. I'm not another number, but someone who has discovered the perfect group and mentorship to get me where I need to go."


- Tamara Rokicki

FREE 7-Day Trial Membership

Unlimited access to our entire library,

our amazing community, all of our member freebies,

all current bonuses, and challenges designed to

help take your authorship to the next level.

Surround yourself with writers who take their authorship as seriously as you do!

Whether you're planning to publish or have already published, the Author Transformation Alliance is an action-driven, highly-supportive private members club that is designed to inspire and empower you to build the success you've been dreaming of.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to live the author's life

you've been dreaming of, complete with consistent book sales,

raving fans, and the freedom to write your next novel...


In fact, it's what you were born to do...


Note: The button says $37, but once you click it will take

you to PayPal where it will reflect the $0 trial information! ;-)

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