Author Transformation Alliance

2019 Spring Retreat

May 24-26, 2019 -- Natural Bridge Historic Hotel -- Natural Bridge, VA

Hey, author!
It's time for our 2nd annual Spring Retreat!
This writing retreat is a 3-day immersive experience with me, Audrey Hughey, the founder of the Author Transformation Alliance (ATA) and the online writing group Sprints and Spirits.
For this year's unique, small-group writing retreat, we're going to be located in a majestic and rural Virginia setting where we can focus on:
  • Your writing...
  • Your author business systems...
  • Your day-to-day life as an author...
  • Creating connections and forging lasting friendships...
So you can revolutionize your writing life and recenter on your goals and dreams for your author career!
Writing  -  Renewal  -  Inspiration
During our first retreat, we had classes on writing, author business systems, marketing, mindset, and the heart of why we write. 
Our first retreat was such a powerful experience. All the authors who came were able to learn new ways to unlock their creativity in their writing, and create lasting bonds with new and old friends, all while getting reinspired and reenergized about their creative lives.
We had the opportunity and freedom to:
-- WRITE! 
-- Get clear on our publishing goals
-- Develop our own unique paths to achievement
-- Find new ways of looking at the business of authorship
-- Participate in writing classes that inspired and motivated us
-- Enjoy mini-challenges that lovingly push you beyond your comfort zone and help you explore greater expanses of creativity and grit within yourself.
-- Discover new techniques and methods for sparking our creativity and improving our writing
We laughed, we wrote, and we even cried together--don't worry,
it was a loving kind of crying! 
We moved each other in ways we hadn't expected, engaging both sides of the brain and all of the heart!
This year, we're looking to top that. 
We're going to buckle down on everything that made the first one so successful and impactful on all of the participants--including our leaders--and take it to the next level. 
Light as a Feather
This year's theme is "Light as a Feather," and through that theme, our intention is to help you create an author's life that is wholistically easier, more enjoyable, and filled with freedom.
All of our workshops, activities, and group time will hold this intention and together we'll work on how we can make writing, publishing, marketing, and your day-to-day life as an author easier, more enjoyable, and furthermore fulfilling. 
Freedom and Fulfillment
Our intention is to show you that you can:
- Have an incredible and positive impact on readers... even if you're worried about reviews.
- Make money with your writing... even if you've struggled to make sales in the past
- Continuously improve your writing... even if you've been writing for decades
- Overcome any of the creative, financial, and business obstacles you might face, even if these things have pulled you down before.
- Build author business systems that really work for your life even if nothing else you've tried has worked.
- Hit your goals to create freedom with fulfillment with your writing because you deserve to live a creative and fulfilled life. 
Explore and Expand Your Writing Life
We're going to explore topics such as:
- Building efficient writing, publishing, and business systems to make your life easier
- Creating multi-platform advertising campaigns to reach new readers and convert them into buying, raving fans
- Setting up and tweaking your Amazon ads to maximize cost-efficiency and sales
- Developing Facebook advertising campaigns that reach more readers without breaking the bank
- The mindset of successful authors and how we can step into that mindset to harness the power of that success and confidence
- How to create and structure complex and beautiful worlds for your stories and series
- Methods for breaking through writer's block and unlocking your creative spark
The ATA Spring Retreat Experience
Want to know what to expect? Listen to these retreat-goers and hear whether they think it's worthwhile to attend and if YOU should join us!
The Location:
Natural Bridge Historic Hotel
Click HERE to learn more about this gorgeous hotel and its stunning mountainside setting. After securing your ticket, you will call the hotel directly to book your room. The hotel's number is (540)291-2121
One of the most important things we will do during this retreat is strengthen our bonds with our fellow writers.
From dear old friends to new kindred spirits, we're going to be exploring what friendship means in the writing community. Our focus will be on supporting each other and uplifting one another in a way that can only happen during events like this, where lifelong friendships are forged.
Authorship no longer has to be a lonely venture, thanks to the internet, and every once in a while it empowers and energizes us when we get to meet our writing friends in person!
What's Included

At our retreat, you'll have time to:

✍️Write, write, write, and.... um... Oh, yes! WRITE!
✍️ Reflect on your writing journey so far and get clear on where you'd like to take it
✍️ Finally get ahead on your social media posts or reader newsletters
✍️ Enjoy writing classes that spark your creativity and reignite your passion for sharing your stories
✍️ Learn about the business behind writing so you can grow your reader base without losing your mind or your wallet
✍️ Sit down with new writing friends to connect, exchange ideas, and get reenergized about your writing journey. 

We all need to take the time to unwind, to reflect, to refresh, and to get in-person classes on writing and on how to improve the business aspect of our authorship.


This retreat offers you the chance to do exactly that.


Your retreat ticket includes:
✌️ 3 days of connection with other writers in an awe-inspiring, Blue Ridge Mountains setting
✍️ Multiple creative writing workshops to re-inspire your imagination
💻 A variety of authorship business classes to help you hit the next level
🙏 Morning and evening yoga sessions to help you relax
📸 Professional photos by our retreat photographer
🎁 Private author strategy session with Audrey (before or after the event)

🎁 Retreat welcome bag packed with themed goodies!
⛰️ Fun and camaraderie in a relaxing, friendly environment where you can unwind and reenergize your creative spirit.

What's Not Included
1) Your room. You must book your room independently through the hotel - but you can pair up with another attending author and share a room to split the cost! 💕
2) Your transportation. You are responsible for your travel to and from the retreat location. There will be an opportunity to be picked up from the Charlottesville, VA airport on the evening of the 23rd and dropped off on the evening of the 26th. 
3) Your meals. Considering the prevalence of allergies, dietary needs and restrictions, and food preferences, it was determined to be too costly to provide meals and snacks to accommodate everyone. Adequate breaks will be provided and the hotel has multiple options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
My goal is to keep this retreat as affordable as possible for everyone while being as impactful as possible. Therefore my focus is on creating a retreat that is thoroughly empowering, energizing, and transformational for all participants. 
The Investment
  • Standard Registration:   $200
Can't attend live this year? 
For the first time, we're recording ALL of the sessions and making them available as a virtual retreat experience. Click HERE for the Virtual Retreat ticket details. 

I'm thankful to have had this experience! I feel rested and more centered with my goals as an indie author, and so happy to have this new group of fellow writers to work with in the future. 

- K. McCoy

You guys put a lot of thought and work into planning all of this, and it showed. I did enjoy the variety of speakers and topics. 



- Margaret Locke

It was so much fun! I had a blast, I got to see friends I already had and new people that I'd never met that are now my friends. I learned things and got a lot of writing done, so it was a success for me!

- Allison K. Garcia

The 2019 Retreat Schedule

Friday, May 24
  12:00 PM - Check-in, sign liability release forms, receive retreat bags
    1:00 PM - Welcome brief with Audrey
    2:00 PM - Descriptive Writing Workshop with Audrey
    3:30 PM - Plotting Workshop with Mary
    5:00 PM - Release for dinner and personal writing time
    7:00 PM - BONUS Class: Society of the Sword with Mary
    8:00 PM - Yoga with Taryn 

Saturday, May 25
  6:45 AM - Yoga with Taryn
  9:00 AM - Day intro and writing exercises/warm-ups
  9:45 AM - World-Building Workshop with Mary
11:00 AM - Photos with Nydia / writing time
12:00 PM - Lunch
  1:30 PM - Self-Editing Workshop with Mary
  2:30 PM - Mobile Photography Workshop with Nydia
  4:00 PM - Self-Care for Creatives with Taryn
  5:00 PM - Release for dinner and personal writing time
  8:00 PM - Yoga with Taryn

Sunday, May 26
  6:45 AM - Yoga with Taryn
  9:00 AM - Day’s Intro; group photos; Building Author Systems with Audrey
10:00 AM - Developing Your 90-Day Strategy with Audrey
11:00 AM - Getting Gritty with Audrey
12:00 PM - Lunch
  1:00 PM - Retreat Wrap-Up
  2:00 PM - Conference room closes

Your Instructors
0 Audrey Fave.jpg

Audrey Hughey​

Audrey Hughey is the founder of the Author Transformation Alliance, a community dedicated to uplifting and empowering authors at all stages to reach their vision of success step-by-step with a powerful network of support to guide them. With social media and the current state of the internet, authors no long need to go it alone or guess their way through the ever-evolving landscape of modern marketing.


Mary Decker

Mary Decker is a software developer with over 30 years of experience in software development, software testing, and technical writing.  She has participated in fiction contests for the past six years and her work is featured in several local and international anthologies.  She has also worked as a journalist, editor and plot doctor on numerous projects over the past five years.


Nydia Pastoriza

Nydia is an innovative, creative, hybrid designer and businesswoman in Charlotte, NC. She follows her love for all forms of art: design,photography, music, writing and more. She pours that love into her work as a designer, photographer, and author. She continues to develop her skills to deliver effective designs, beautiful photography and hopeful stories. She debuted her first romance novel Candid in 2018.


Taryn Bromser-Kloeden


Taryn Noelle Kloeden is a lover of nature and all things furry, scaled, and feathered. She has practiced yoga for over a decade and is a certified instructor specializing in deep, restorative poses and guided meditations. She is especially passionate about helping her fellow writers and academics learn to unwind and refresh through yoga's physical and spiritual teachings.

What happens next?
1) Once you've completed your registration below and complete payment through PayPal, you'll receive a confirmation email (look for POWr as the sender) containing your registration information.
2) Call the Natural Bridge Historic Hotel to book your room for the ATA 2019 Spring Retreat at: (540)291-2121 
3) If you would prefer to share a room, email me directly at and let me know, whether you book your room immediately or not. I will do my best to help you find a roommate if you don't already have one in mind.
4) Watch your email for messages starting with [ATA Spring Retreat]! I'll be sending out your retreat packet to your registration email and keep you updated as we count down to the retreat weekend!
5) Get excited because this retreat is going to be amazing!
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May 24-26th, 2019
Natural Bridge Historic Hotel, Virginia
Natural Bridge, VA
Watch the videos below to learn more about what the area has to offer to visitors.