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Introducing a single planning and business bundle to help you plan, manage, and achieve your authorship goals in 2023!


Hey there! 

If you're ready to take a new year by the horns and make a real, lasting change, then this might just be the page you've needed all along...


You're about to learn the super-secret tip that keeps the pros on the upward trend for publishing, productivity, and sales. 

It's all about bringing those little pieces of the writer-life puzzle together: writing, revising, publishing, and marketing. 

The one thing they all have in common?

They're best undertaken when you have a thoughtful plan for each.


In this bundle, you'll get a guided walkthrough of how to plan your writing, publishing, and marketing so 2023 can be your best year yet!

Inside the bundle, you'll find:

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Yearly Reflect and Resolve Course ($97 Value)

What would it be like to be guided through reviewing 2022 and building a complete writing plan for 2023?


This is your thorough guide to taking stock of 2022 and getting a clear view of the year you're leaving behind. Next, you'll develop your goals and vision for 2023 before building a detailed, monthly roadmap to keep you on track. 


If you are serious about making 2023 the year of success and calm after the dark night of the soul (aka 2020-2022), then this bundle is your magical quest map. 

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Your 90-Day Strategy ($97 Value)

This workbook and class bundle is designed to help you achieve hyperfocus for a 90-day period and achieve massive progress toward you most important goals.

You'll be guided through:

-- Building your 90-day strategy in alignment with your unique goals and lifestyle, even if you already feel too busy.
-- Realigning your authorship when things aren't going to plan
-- Creating an appropriate reward system to help you avoid (or recover from) burnout.

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Mid-Year Review ($49 Value)

When you hit the halfway point in the coming year, you'll find a Mid-Year Review a refreshing way to recenter and evaluate your goals and progress.


This review is designed to help you gain a clear picture of the year so far and how your goals may have evolved. Armed with a thorough reflection, you will better understand what might be holding you back and how to adjust your yearly goals so you can move forward and achieve what matters most to you for the rest of 2023.

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Planning & Organization Workbook ($97 Value)

This collection of tools will help make planning and organizing easier and more enjoyable. 

This workbook was created to give you a variety of tools to choose from and experiment with so you can find the kinds of planning, organizing, and scheduling styles that work best for your mind and your life. 

Holiday Sales

Holiday Sales Planning Guide ($49 Value)

This guide will walk you through planning holiday sales for your books.

This planning guide and page provide points for research and brainstorming, and sections to help you layout a proper holiday promotion plan for boosting your sales and grow your readership.

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12-Month Marketing Planner ($97 Value)

A guided walkthrough to build your marketing strategy.

In this workbook, you’ll be guided through creating your 12-month marketing plan, building varying weekly content layouts for each month, creating content buckets and hashtag banks, and organizing yourself marketing efforts for the year to come.

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Newsletter Planner ($27 Value)

How much time would it save you each month if you had a clear plan for your newsletter?


Use this planner to:

- Define a clear and consistent structure for your newsletter

- Identify what content will best serve your readers

- Compare your writing project plan to your newsletter schedule

- Build a 12-month plan for your newsletters to reduce the struggle and improve the quality of your newsletter! 

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Blog Planner ($27 Value)

If you love blogging, you absolutely need a plan.


Don't start (or keep) blogging without a clear plan and a year's worth of ideas to avoid "blogger's block." With this guide, you'll develop:

- Your target reader for your blog, even if you've never thought about it before

- Content buckets, to help you structure a blog your target audience loves to read

- A relevant list of 52 content ideas you can write about for your blog--ideas that your readers care about!

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Income and Expense Tracker ($20 Value)

Even if you're early in your writing career, you must track your expenses. 

Use this tracker to help you keep accurate and detailed records about your income and expenses. The one rule? Track everything, and let your accountant sort it out.

Imagine: No more rushing around at tax time for records for the book covers you purchased, or the developmental editor you hired. Keep this document nearby your writing space to remind you to A) fill it out, and B) scan and organize your receipts into a dedicated Income and Expense folder for the year.

Freebies and Products (14).png

Tax Prep Checklist ($20 Value)

Record them all and let your accountant sort them out!


An important part of any business is having detailed and accurate records of income and expenses, and a writing business is no exception.


Use this Tax Prep Checklist to guide you as you collect and compile all of your income and expense documentation and prepare it to bring to your accountant.

Total Value: $580
Standard Price: $97

Your price today: $27

Here's what to do next...

Usually, all the parts of the Author Planning Bundle would cost $580 if you bought each piece separately. 

But for Black Friday...

I'm bundling it all together and giving you an insane 94% discount!

Which means until the timer runs out, you can get the entire Author Planning & Business Bundle today... for one payment of just $27.

That's right, only $27. 

You could use that cash on ordering in all the yummies you told yourself you wouldn't...


You can toss a lit match on the remnants of 2022 and prepare for the New Year with a REAL PLAN that is going to inject warp speed into your writing career--and help make up for everything that went sideways over the last two years. 

And you'll get the full Author Planning & Business Bundle instantly.

As soon as you complete checkout, you'll receive an email receipt with a link to your master document to download.

You can access your Author Planning & Business Bundle anywhere, immediately, and FOREVER (you have lifetime access)! 

So you can use these tools for your entire writing career! 

And just in case you're wondering...

There is no catch!

Yep, $27 is cheap, so you might be thinking, "What's the catch?" Here are three things to know:

1) I want to offer this special discount as a welcome and "thank you" gift for joining my newsletter.

2) This price helps separate the freebie seekers from the more serious authors. I want you to open this bundle and use it to propel you further and faster in 2023. I also want you to invest because you're significantly more likely to take action and use the bundle if you invest even a small amount in it. 

3) While there's nothing wrong with free goodies (I offer several), freebies don't always get opened and used. I want to hook you up but, again, I also want you to use this bundle that I've so lovingly prepared for you.

That's it, just the information you need and the results you want... for just $27...

To prove these tools will work for you too. 

Get it now... 

Because time is running out...

This special 94% discount is very limited.

The Author Planning Bundle is only available at this CRAZY low price of $27 for a couple of days!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't LOVE it, you have 30 days to email me and let me know! I want this to be your FAVORITE Black Friday weekend purchase, and the set of tools that will help you far beyond your expectations. 

Get Instant Access

You're getting...

✓ Yearly Reflect and Resolve

✓ Your 90-Day Strategy

✓ Mid-Year Review

✓ Planning & Organization Workbook

✓ Holiday Sales Planner

✓ 12-Month Marketing Planner

✓ Newsletter Planner

✓ Blog Planner

✓ Income and Expense Tracker

✓ Tax Prep Checklist

Total Value: $580
Standard Price: $97
Welcome Special: $27

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