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Ready to be empowered with the impactful knowledge you need to propel your writing career?

These mini-courses are complimentary to members of the Author Transformation Alliance, but if you don't enjoy group environments then you can purchase them individually here.

Available Courses

What our members are saying...

"Before I joined The Author Transformation Alliance I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to turn to for information as a published author. Since I've joined ATA, I'm more at ease and the continued support is awesome! Audrey Knapp does not hold back. She gives you all the information, not just one piece of the puzzle. You can expect that same support in your authorship journey.

- Delilah Hall

"With Audrey's help, my authorship has taken off. I have the time to write the books I want because I know how to schedule social media the best way for my daily calendar. My Amazon sales are up and my Instagram photos have never been more engaging. I also use the tips to promote my family's business, giving us more time to prepare for the events instead of scrambling to manage social media."

- Becky Muth

"I would say that this program is one worth investing your money in. Unlike many mentorships that promise to give you inspiration and guidance, Audrey actually provides step-by-step tutorials, webinars, tips and suggestions that can be applied to writing and publishing a book. They're easy to understand and provide an intimate approach that makes me (the writer) feel like Audrey really cares about my success. I'm not another number, but someone who has discovered the perfect group and mentorship to get me where I need to go."


- Tamara Rokicki

"I met Audrey through Instagram and took one of her workshops on hashtags and learned so much - all things that I was able to implement immediately and saw a difference on my account right away. Since I’ve joined The Authors Transformation Alliance group, I've continued to learn using her online classes. The connections and friends I’ve made along the way, which have become my “tribe,” are incredibly encouraging and supportive through the process of writing my first book. Whether you’re a brand new author or a seasoned writer, joining the Author Transformation Alliance will be a huge benefit."


- Nydia Pastoriza

"My biggest challenges are time management and self-confidence crises. With this group, I'm overjoyed to realize I'm not alone on either, and Audrey provides concrete methods for tackling both issues. She's positive, upbeat, and knows her stuff (she's already helped me fix some major Facebook ad boo-boos and up my Instagram game!). While I'm still a relative newbie, I'm so glad I decided to join the ATA and look forward to diving into the many and varied master classes she's made available to us. I highly recommend Audrey and her Author Transformation Alliance; you get access to wonderful, insightful, and helpful information for a fraction of what other social media gurus charge!"


- Margaret Locke

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