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In this masterclass, you'll learn:

- Gain an inside perspective on how an editor approaches a manuscript.
- Receive guidance on what to look for when searching for your own editor.
- Learn the list of specific issues to look for within your own manuscript in order to best prepare it for editing.

About Josiah

Josiah Davis is the founder and owner of JD Book Services, as well as part-owner of Karen's Book Barn in La Grange, KY. He started as a professional editor three years ago and now edits as a full-time job, specializing in Fantasy and Sci-Fi novels for indie/self-published authors. Over the past three years, Josiah has edited over forty-five published novels, ranging from Fantasy, to Non-Fiction, to Horror, to Romance.

When he's not spending endless hours editing in a local coffee shop, Josiah can be found either carrying his team in Smite, or in the gym trying to work off those one-too-many slices of pizza.

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