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1:1 Intensives

Private Sessions for Serious Authors

Can you really afford the lost time, lost energy, and lost money that comes with trying to DIY everything?

You don't have to lose all of that and your mind.

If you're ready to get massive results then book your private, 90-minute Author Marketing Intensive today.

Do you:


  • Stress all the time about how overwhelmed you are with writing, editing, launching, and marketing your book…

  • Feel like your head is spinning as you throw more spaghetti at the wall with social media posts and Facebook ads…

  • Wonder what in the world you’re doing wrong while your peers seem to be pumping out books and selling copies like hotcakes…

If you're ready to...

  • Stand out online as a go-to-author in your genre...

  • Reach new readers easily because people will be so excited about your book...

  • See real results (yes, sell copies!) from your social media activity...

  • Know exactly what you need to do to reach readers through free-to-use methods...

  • Stop all the unnecessary overwhelm and busy work that's fueling your burn-out on writing rather than feeding your career success....

  • Become an author who works smarter, faster, and more effectively (see real results sooner!)...

Then a 1:1 intensive is for YOU!

45-Minute Author Breakthrough Sessions

Social Media Evaluation:                                                                         $127      $97 for ATA Members

In the Evaluation Session, we'll examine each of your official social media accounts to determine your strengths and weaknesses. We'll also discuss how you can tweak your graphics and captions with proven copywriting techniques to take your posts to the next level of professionalism. You'll walk away with a clear path forward on how your social presence can be improved and your content tweaked to increase engagement with your ideal readers. 


Marketing Clarity:                                                                                   $127      $97 for ATA Members

In the Clarity Session, we discuss where you currently stand, where you want to be, and then determine a clear path for how to get you there. This is an ideal session for you if you have moderate technical competency but feel overwhelmed by "all the things" you've been told you should be doing. When you aren't clear on what to do next or what actions you have to take and in what order, you need clarity and this session is designed to give you exactly that. You'll walk away inspired and reenergized about your authorship, and you'll have a step-by-step action plan to help you move forward with confidence to reach your goals.  

Author Marketing Intensive Packages

Author List-Building Intensive Package:                                                     $297      $197 for ATA Members

In this 60-minute intensive, we'll work together to build a visibility plan and set up your tech to start attracting your ideal readers to your email list. First, we'll determine the ultimate goal and purpose for your email list; a critical first step that is often overlooked. Once we've ironed out your vision, I'll design a funnel that attracts your ideal reader, brings them onto your list, and encourage them (with class) to take the action you're hoping for (like buying your book.) After the funnel has been designed, we'll begin setting up the tech immediately. This is perfect for you if you don't consider yourself to be a "tech-y" person and would rather not spend hours figuring it out for yourself. Upon completion of setup, we'll test your landing page, ensure delivery of your freebie, and develop a clear plan to market your freebie and get it in front of the readers who matter the most. You'll walk away with all the tech for your list-building venture setup and ready to roll. You'll also receive a detailed marketing plan (complete with daily and weekly checklists) for promoting your freebie to your ideal readers and building a high-quality list fast. The session is recorded so you can review our setup of all the tech and everything we discussed.

INCLUDES: TWO 45-minute follow-up sessions are built into this intensive package to make sure that you get the additional support necessary to tweak or rev up your customized plan. 


Launch Strategy Intensive Package:                                                         $297      $197 for ATA Members

In the 60-minute Launch Strategy Intensive, we identify your launch goals, clarify what we need to do to reach those goals, and develop a detailed, step-by-step marketing plan designed to ensure your success. Each launch is unique, as each author's goals are different. You need a strategy that fits your goals, your budget, and your version of success. Whether it involves a blog tour, a podcast tour, a massive visibility push, Facebook advertising, or other social media advertising, we'll identify the best ways for your to achieve your launch objectives within your budget and time constraints. You'll walk away with a day-by-day and week-by-week marketing plan, a milestone checklist to ensure you're achieving what you must and when you must in order to achieve your launch goals, guidance to implement this plan immediately, and the session recording.

INCLUDES: Two 45-minute follow-up calls to address any unexpected challenges to implementation and ensure you're on the path to meeting your launch goals. 

Group and Individual Coaching

90 Days to Transformation Small Group Mastermind                                 $497      $297 for ATA Members

by Application only!

For 13 weeks we'll meet weekly on a video conference call to work over your challenges and progress toward your goals. The group setup allows for optimal accountability and building strong bonds and friendships with other writers while also having the benefit of individual attention and mentorship.

You'll receive...

- Weekly group calls

- Weekly focus work to help you get closer to your goals faster

- Monthly private sessions: 1 introductory session to identify your 90-day goals and build your individual success roadmap; 1 session per month to help you with tech (like mailing lists, Facebook ads, content plans, websites, etc), strategy challenges, or mindset coaching; and 1 post-session follow-up to ensure you have a plan to continue the progress you made in the group sessions and hit that next level.

PLUS: You get a huge discount on subsequent enrollments into this program.



A-to-Z Author Coaching                                                                         $997      $797 for ATA Members

by Application only!

This 14-week one-on-one coaching program is designed to take you from zero to hero, whether that means finishing your first novel and preparing it for self-publishing or blowing up your book royalties in the best possible way. You set your goal and we explore your circumstances and personality in order to determine the best course of action to achieve your desired end-state.


For finishing a manuscript, that means I'm here to be your tough-love coach and hold you strictly accountability to writing the words and getting recharged when you feel creatively stumped.


When it comes to selling more books, that means we develop a clear strategy for promotion with tactics that work for you, I get hands-on with helping you set up the tech (automated email funnels, Amazon and Facebook advertising, automated sales systems), and I teach you all the tools and tricks so that when our session is done, you'll be able to run at full speed on your own - with ease.


Author success does not need to be a constant struggle, and I'm here to help you build up the skills, discipline, knowledge, and practice to make writing and marketing easy!


You'll get...

- A private introductory call to develop your success roadmap and prepare you mentally for success

- Bi-weekly 1:1 calls with me to keep you on track, have my hands-on help with the tech, work through the heavy mindset issues that inevitably come with great changes and forward momentum, and to adjust the success roadmap according to changes that occur because... well, life! 


PLUS: Discounts available for additional enrollments.

What others are saying about working with me....

60-Minute Author Focus Sessions

3-Month Social Media Content Strategy:                                                  $147        $97 for ATA Members

In this Focus Session, we'll work together to create a custom social media strategy and content calendar that fits your unique situation and authorship goals. Sometimes a standard plan isn't enough when you have multiple books to promote, are coming off of a book launch or planning one, or if you have multiple goals that seem to be conflicting. We'll not only identify a clear promotional goal for each month, but we'll make sure each month's goals fit into a 90-day strategy that supports your vision of where you'd like to be in terms of your author platform. When we've developed your strategy and goals, we'll complete your 3-month content calendar. If there's time left, we'll spend the remainder of our time together creating beautiful graphics to use on your platforms. You'll walk away with a clear strategy that supports your unique goals, a three-month content calendar, a clear plan to simplify your content creation, the session replay, and a 30-minute follow-up session to schedule within three months of our session.


Newsletter Setup:                                                                                 $147        $97 for ATA Members

In a Newsletter Setup Session, we discuss your subscribership, explore your open rates and click rates, and build you a reusable, easy to complete newsletter template. After we've completed your template, we'll devise a series of 8 weekly or bi-weekly newsletters designed to improve your subscriber engagement. Then we'll create each week's subject line, carefully crafted to increase your open rates while still matching the content so your readers never feel tricked into opening your emails. You'll walk away with an easy to use and easy to complete newsletter template, an 8-week newsletter content strategy, great subject lines to boost your open rates, the session replay, and a 30-minute follow-up session to schedule within three months of our session.  

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-Thank you to Audrey for her amazing advice and ideas on helping me with social media. I was left fe
-Thank you to Audrey for her amazing advice and ideas on helping me with social media. I was left fe

Your Investment

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45-Minute Social Media Evaluation Session



45-Minute Marketing Clarity Session



60-Minute Social Media Strategy Session



60-Minute Newsletter Setup Session

List-Building Intensive Package

Launch Strategy Intensive Package







Are you ready to propel yourself to the next level of your authorship journey?

Terms & Conditions


While the majority of my clients have reaped success beyond expectation from my intensives and 1:1 sessions, they are hard workers who strive for success. They needed direction, education, and empowerment and then they were willing to do the work to implement what I taught them. If you do half the work, you will get half the results. Your commitment to success will determine your results and, as I cannot control what you choose do with everything that I provide to you, I cannot guarantee that your books will suddenly fly off the physical or digital shelves. I will do everything in my power to give you everything you need to succeed - support, tools, education, and I'll even get hands on and dig into your social media, graphics, email provider, website, Facebook ads, and more. I am confident that you'll leave our intensive energized, empowered, and equipped to propel your writing career in the right direction, but refunds cannot be issued for completed intensives. Have faith, invest in your writing career, and get the help you need to get to the next step! For more legalese, click "Terms & Conditions" in the footer...

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