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My Calendar Just Opened Up for Insta-Honey...

I have been having soooo much fun with Instagram lately! Aside from launching my online course dedicated to teaching Instagram to self-marketing authors, I've been helping bridal consultants, health and fitness coaches, and a wide range of other entrepreneurs. 


Let me tell you, it has brought me so much joy to see people become inspired by their extended reach, growing audiences, and the attention their great content is now getting.


It lights a fire so much for me, in fact, that with a few openings in my calendar over the next two weeks, I want to keep providing Instagram support to solopreneurs, small business owners, and anyone else who is a self-marketer. 


The biggest request I've seen to date is for Hashtag support. It's been reported to me that one of the biggest points of struggle is in Hashtag research. Many people purchase several training courses on Instagram which include hashtag research but they run into one major problem - they just don't have the time to go through the courses, nonetheless the quality length of time necessary to invest into hashtag research. 

That's where I come in...

I'll take the time necessary to do the proper research and find the best hashtags for each category of your Instagram posts. 


Not only do I do the research for you, but I will also test the hashtags to ensure they work in concert with your content and speak effectively to your target audience. 


After testing is completed, I deliver your hashtags in an easy-to-read report style format from which you can easily copy and paste when posting new content to your Instagram. 


You get the best hashtags (by thorough testing) for:


- Your business

- Your target audience

- Your content

- Your unique style

When you sign up for your Insta-Honey spot, you'll get...

- A thorough evaluation of your Instagram account, determining your growth rate, evaluating your content, and assessing the quality of your followers. 

- One 60-minute, private consultation to discuss your niche, your style, your target audience, and your goals for your business and how we can use Instagram to reach them.


- Hashtag lists for each of your identified content categories (up to 5 categories) for your Instagram. Each category list will contain 12 hashtags and be provided in a format suitable for easy copy-and-paste functionality on your mobile device. 

Like Bonuses? 

You'll Love These!

1. Two time-conscious videos that get straight to the meat and bones by demonstrating the two most effective means to grow a high-quality following with a very small time investment.


2. Printable checklist & calendar and to keep your growth on track based on the instructional videos

Normally, the cost for this service is $397 due to the length of time and expertise involved in proper evaluation, research, and testing. The entire process can take up to two weeks and the high level of personalized attention to each client adds additional time on to each project.

Right now, I'm so excited about solving the mystery and revealing the secret sauce for more people that I want to work with real action takers! People who know they need help with their Instagram and are ready to make it happen - without spending hours in training and research on their own. 


I want to do the work for you so that you can focus on the heart of your business and what matters most to you.

Until 3pm (EDT) June 8th, 2016, I'm offering my Insta-Honey service for $200 OFF!

You get your evaluation, recommendations, consultation, and hashtag research done for you for only  $397​ $197!

What Others Are Saying

About Working With Me...

Thank you to Audrey for her amazing advice and ideas on helping me with social media! She had fantastic ideas and so easy to talk to. I was left feeling inspired and confident that I can make it work for my business! So thank you again Audrey!



Hailey Sheehy


Sharnelle Bridal

Audrey has always been there for me. When working hard to make something I believe, represent myself well on paper, a website or even a comment about something, I always look to her. Her work is both educating and helpful to say the least. I use her for everything. She puts her heart into everything and is easily accessible. When I asked her to look at my website she had sent me feedback early the next day and all of her suggestions reflected my ideas perfectly. Thank you so much.



Robert Bowyer


Operation Black Sheep

“Working with Audrey is like having a friend who often seems to understand you better than you do yourself. On top of business expertise and social media strategy, I feel that Audrey's passion is watching me blossom and become comfortable BEING who I am and offering what I uniquely bring to the table.  Audrey is somehow able to take my muddled, vague ideas and offer a grounded vision and a few simple steps to move toward it. I love her philosophy to just take the baby steps and watch the results with surprise and delight.”


Jessica Kellenberger


SoyeZen Yoga

Let's Recap...

You'll Receive:


- A thorough Instagram account evaluation to determine your growth rate, evaluate your content, and assess your following. 



- A private, 60-minute consultation to discuss your niche, your style, your target audience, and how we can use Instagram to reach your goals.


- Up to 5 Category-based Hashtag lists with 12 hashtags each - totalling in 60 hashtags specific to your niche provided in an easy to copy-paste format for your future Instagram posts.


For only $197 -

that's $200 OFF the usual

$397 investment! 


Your Bonuses Include:


1. Two time-conscious videos that get straight to the meat and bones by demonstrating the two most effective means to grow a high-quality following with a very small time investment. ($297 Value)


2. Printable checklist & calendar to keep your growth on track, and includes PDF with simplified daily action instructions. ($49 Value)


Plus! You'll get a Fast-Action Bonus

If You Reserve Your Insta-Honey Spot

By 6pm (Eastern),June 6th, 2016


You'll get access to my calendar to book an additional 60-minute private consultation where YOU choose the topic - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Social Media Planning & Strategy, Email Marketing, Website Content, Copywriting - anything at all! ($250 Value)


Your fast action discount and bonuses add up to $796! 

Are you ready to receive the personalized support you need to take your business to the next level?

Have questions? Let's talk!


Email me:


We'll set up an appointment for a complimentary 30-minute consultation to see if this service is right for you. 

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