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Surround yourself with writers who take their authorship as seriously as you do!

Whether you're planning to publish or have already published, the Author Transformation Alliance is an action-driven, highly-supportive private members club that is designed to inspire and empower you to build the success you envision as an author.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to live the author's life you've been dreaming of, complete with book sales, raving fans, and the freedom to write your next novel...


In fact, it's what you were born to do...

"I would say that this program is one worth investing your money in. Unlike many mentorships that promise to give you inspiration and guidance, Audrey actually provides step-by-step tutorials, webinars, tips and suggestions that can be applied to writing and publishing a book. They're easy to understand and provide an intimate approach that makes me (the writer) feel like Audrey really cares about my success. I'm not another number, but someone who has discovered the perfect group and mentorship to get me where I need to go."


- Tamara Rokicki

Get the support you need...

To earn more fans, sell more copies, and write more books. 

The Author Transformation Alliance provides in-depth training, live Q&A sessions, live group coaching sessions, guest expert masterclasses with exclusive Q&A sessions, and more! It's like having an expert team at your fingertips - every single month...


without spending thousands of dollars...

without waiting three years to get published...

without sacrificing the hours that could be spent with your family...

without the burnout that comes with being stuck!


The Alliance will restricts new member registration to just a few times throughout the year so that we can ensure we are providing a rave-worthy experience for all members. Get in now while you can and lock in your monthly membership investment.


After you join you get INSTANT access to all of these powerful authorship-building goodies! 

In-Depth Training

A new course is released each month to empower you in social media marketing, digital advertising, technology & tools, productivity, and more.

Live Q&A Sessions

Each month we'll host a LIVE Q&A session to answer all of your questions about that month's course. All questions are answered!

Group Coaching

Every month all members will be invited to a live group coaching session. Three members will be in the hot-seat receiving individual attention and support.

Guest Experts

A new masterclass created by a guest expert will be added each month so you have exclusive access to expert training designed especially for authors! 

Guest Expert Q&A

The Alliance will host live Q&A sessions with a featured guest expert so you can get all of your most pressing questions answered!


Complimentary access to ALL workshops hosted by Audrey; tech walkthroughs; our private Facebook group; opportunities for promotion across our networks; chances to win private consultations and graphics packages, among other great prizes!

The Investment

There are many courses and programs that seek to offer a similar level of training, but often only provide a piece or two of the puzzle. They don't even begin to touch on all of the critical information that the Alliance brings you. Yet, the pricing for most of those programs and courses begin around $397 and range all the way up to $1,997


Coaching programs (private or group) can cost much, much more, ranging from $200-$1,000 monthly!

In the Author Transformation Alliance, you get the best of both worlds


You get courses and you get monthly group coaching!


New courses in online and offline marketing, writing craft, background systems, freelance writing, and more will be released at the beginning of each month.


Monthly coaching sessions will be hosted LIVE on the second Saturday of each month. These sessions will focus on the topic of the month and no question will go unanswered! Can't attend live? That's okay! You can submit your questions ahead of time and they will be answered live. The recording will then be posted in the members area of the Alliance site.


"When I first met Audrey, I hesitated to commit to working with her. Not because of her but because of me. I don't have a work-in-progress, I'm not that type of writer; the type being someone with a book already published or about to be published. Turns out Audrey works with all kinds of writers no matter where we are on our journey as writers. In a few months, I went from having an Instagram account I struggled with knowing what to post to my handful of followers to consistently posting to my 200+ followers. Audrey helped me develop my social media planning skills to the point, I am planned out and scheduled five weeks in advance. Next month is Camp NaNoWriMo and because of my work with Audrey and the Author Transformation Alliance, my social media is on autopilot and I can focus on writing without being derailed by obsessing about what I am posting on social media on any given day. If you are hesitant like I was, commit to a month and find out for yourself how Audrey and ATA can help you and your writing."


- Lynne Brown

A Low-Risk Investment - $37/month




I'm confident that you're going to Love  the Author Transformation Alliance and be incredibly empowered toward your success by the training and support you receive within.


I know how hard it can be to choose to invest in something new without knowing exactly what you're going to receive and that's why I've kept it affordable. You don't have to spend thousands or even hundreds to get the answers you need that will propel you toward your authorship goals. You get INSTANT ACCESS to all of the courses, all of the guest expert masterclasses, all of the live and recorded workshops, and live group events! No holding back - we want the most committed, driven writers to try out a week with us and decide to stay. If it's not for you, that's perfectly okay! Our tribe is dedicated to bringing in like-minded writers who will bring a positive and action-oriented mindset into the fold. 


Just think about all the things you might already spend $37 on each month...


... 4 trips to Starbucks...

... 3 trips to Panera...

... 2 trips to Chipotle...

... 1 trip to Books-A-Million... 


Yet, do those things really make you more productive? Do they help you reach the next level of your authorship? Let's face it, friends, that's just not working. The Alliance, on the other hand, is a place designed to not just give you information, but to inspire transformation while providing a supportive community of kindred souls, other writers who get it.


If you're driven and committed to your authorship like we are, then our doors are open to you.


If you decide to stay with us, your monthly investment will be locked in at just $37/month. We're adding great resources all the time, along with more live workshops and hot-seat events. Need personalized help? Come to our live group mentoring sessions or hop in the monthly hot-seat!


Yet, if there is any point at which you feel that the Alliance is no longer right for you, then you may cancel at any time and you will not be billed again. 


No refunds of your monthly membership fee will be issued, but your last payment will still cover an entire month of membership in the Alliance so you have every opportunity to make the most out of it!


If you decide that the Alliance isn't right for you at this time, then you MUST submit your cancellation no less than 48 hours prior to the billing point. You will still have access throughout the rest of your paid period, but our team needs ample lead time to process cancellation requests through PayPal. If you fail to meet the deadline and you are charged for a month of membership, we can still process a refund if it's requested close to the date. No matter what, my goal is for you to be happy. 


So there you have it, a month to test drive our tribe and decide if you'll remain with us permanently, get as much training as possible, join in the group conversations with like-minded writers who are taking serious action to reach their authorship goals, and get answers to your biggest questions about building and growing your author platform. We can't wait to meet you!

"I met Audrey through Instagram and took one of her workshops on hashtags and learned so much - all things that I was able to implement immediately and saw a difference on my account right away. Since I’ve joined The Authors Transformation Alliance group, I've continued to learn using her online classes. The connections and friends I’ve made along the way, which have become my “tribe,” are incredibly encouraging and supportive through the process of writing my first book. Whether you’re a brand new author or a seasoned writer, joining the Author Transformation Alliance will be a huge benefit."


- Nydia Pastoriza

"With Audrey's help, my authorship has taken off. I have the time to write the books I want because I know how to schedule social media the best way for my daily calendar. My Amazon sales are up and my Instagram photos have never been more engaging. I also use the tips to promote my family's business, giving us more time to prepare for the events instead of scrambling to manage social media."

- Becky Muth

You will have instant access to...

* Our Courses *

In this course, you'll learn how to make the switch from consumer on social media to self-marketing author on social media. We focus on answering the biggest questions authors have and begin solving the great mystery of book marketing. You'll learn how to simplify your life on social media and be more effective than ever before at reaching new readers!

Have you been told you need to build "a list" but don't know where to start? We've got your back! No need to guess at how to start this endeavor or spend a lot of money. You'll learn what a list is, why "everybody" says you need one and you'll get all the tech options so you can keep your wallet safe, sound, and un-plundered!

As the title suggests, this course will teach you the basics of how authors can effectively leverage this powerful, popular, free platform. To date, Instagram is the best free avenue for getting your work exposed to cold audiences and this platform hosts a massive audience of readers seeking new books and indie authors!

Have you nailed the basics of running your social media as an author? Great! Now let's put your social media, one of the most outward and active extensions of your authorship, on autopilot so you can write that next novel or *gasp* spend time with your friends and family! We explore your commitment, time requirements for social media, and tech options to set it all on autopilot!

This advanced course on Instagram teaches you how to build on the foundation you created in Instagram for Authors, and begin focusing on growing your audience and regularly driving traffic to your book's sale page. We take you beyond the basics and empower you to reach more of your ideal audience and increase book sales!

This special edition course focuses on accounting for the time that has passed, setting mid-year benchmarks, and reevaluating our goals for the rest of the year. In this workbook and guided walkthrough, we discuss the importance of digging in deep to find our why, how, and when in order to set ambitious goals with milestones to help us achieve them. Get ready to get serious about building your own roadmap to success in the second half of the year.

Are you ready to rock Facebook? The largest social media platform can often seem like an ever-changing, untamable giant but this course takes you step by step through measures that will help you rise to the challenge and leverage this powerful and highly populated platform. From the basics, guided setup, advanced settings, and analytics, to the effective use of Boosting posts, you'll learn just how to make it work hard for your writing career.

With this course, you will learn how best to improve your book sales. Starting with an honest look at your social media presence and finding accountability where needed. Are you unsure of your online branding? It may be time for you to give your online presence a little upgrade! There are plenty of strategies for you to chose from within the course workbook provided. If you are ready to put in the work, then consistently boosting your book sales will become a breeze! 

Have you begun to find your readership, but worry about keeping their interests? In this workbook and newsletter spreadsheet, we walk you through the steps needed to not only engage your subscribers but to strengthen your relationship with your readers as well. Learn how to decide what content to share with your readers, which template works best, and what other fun tips you can use to make your newsletters appealing as an author.

"Before I joined The Author Transformation Alliance I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to turn to for information as a published author. Since I've joined ATA, I'm more at ease and the continued support is awesome! Audrey Knapp does not hold back. She gives you all the information, not just one piece of the puzzle. You can expect that same support in your authorship journey.

- Delilah Hall

* Our Guest Expert Masterclasses *

In this key masterclass, our guest Nydia, a professional book cover designer, explains the importance each critical element of the book cover and why it's necessary to include them on your own. Looking for more information about ISBNs, why you need them and how you can get them? She tells all in this ATA-exclusive masterclass! The recorded Q&A session also reveals many important golden nuggets of information.

In this masterclass you will learn what common issues might be holding you back from being more visible, how to overcome those obstacles so you can reach more readers, and how to optimize your marketing strategy to increase conversions (aka email list subscriptions, book sales, etc.).  Hang on for a wild ride with Sarah as she brings the #insane enthusiasm and gets you fired up! Need more? The recorded Q&A session digs in even deeper!

Do you ever feel like designing your own graphics takes too much time? You definitely need to tune into this impressive masterclass revealing expert graphic design hacks. When you implement these techniques, you'll find the quality of your graphics will skyrocket while time you spend creating those graphics will plummet. Check out the recorded Q&A session for even more hacks to take your graphics to the next level!

Do you feel like you don't have enough time to get everything done? The amazing productivity and business coach Jessica Rodriguez generously created this short but incredibly impactful masterclass that takes you from time management to life management. You'll learn how to prioritize so you can say no to things that don't serve you, how to account for your time, and how to design your life to ensure you're focusing on what matters most in your life. 

Straight from the editor's mouth! Learn critical ways you can improve and polish your manuscript before sending it to your editor (saving both time and money), exactly how a professional editor approaches each manuscript, and what to look for when seeking out an editor for hire. You'll learn what they love, what they hate, how to find the best editor you can afford, and how to approach edits with a teamwork mindset. 

"My biggest challenges are time management and self-confidence crises. With this group, I'm overjoyed to realize I'm not alone on either, and Audrey provides concrete methods for tackling both issues. She's positive, upbeat, and knows her stuff (she's already helped me fix some major Facebook ad boo-boos and up my Instagram game!). While I'm still a relative newbie, I'm so glad I decided to join the ATA and look forward to diving into the many and varied master classes she's made available to us. I highly recommend Audrey and her Author Transformation Alliance; you get access to wonderful, insightful, and helpful information for a fraction of what other social media gurus charge!"


- Margaret Locke

* Our Recorded Workshops *










Creating Captivating Characters




Attend any live event at no additional cost to you while you're a member or catch the replay as all workshops are recorded and posted to the members' site!


Instagram Hashtags Mini-Course

($97 Value)



($47 Value)

30-Day Book Release Planner

($47 Value)

Are you ready for your transformation?

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