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First you plan, then you execute...

You've spent so much time and energy planning to accomplish the important goals and make this your best year yet and getting your goals back on track...

And you are not going to fall off the wagon this time!

But you know that staying on track takes accountability, support, reminders of your vision, education, and training to stay on top of the learning curve.

The Mid-Year Planning Bundle

- Group Coaching Session replay to revisit our planning anytime you need to

- Monthly emails to check-in and keep you accountable 

- Productivity training to help you stay hyper-focused on your goals

- Mindset training to help you overcome even the worst mental blocks

- A special opportunity to get a massive discount on three months of ATA membership...

If you have ever...

... struggled with achieving your yearly writing and publishing goals 

... struggled to stay on track with your goals and intentions

... been disappointed by how little you accomplished in a year

... felt frustration over how hard it was to stick to the plan you created

... become overwhelmed by all of the little tasks that seem to multiple

... lost sight of the big vision and felt like giving up on your dreams

... had good momentum in the beginning but slowed down and didn't know how to get started again...

What's Included...

  • Monthly emails with tips, training, inspiration, and progress check-ins ($397 value) 

  • The official Mid-Year Review Masterclass ($197 value)

  • The Author's 90-Day Strategy Masterclass ($197 value)

  • Two (2) mindset-related trainings to keep you in the right headspace along the way ($197)

Fast Action Bonus!

Order before the timer runs out and you'll receive a

private strategy session with me to review your plan!

Optional: Get 3 months of ATA membership at a 65% discount!

Total bundle value: $1,085

Total value of bundle + 3-month ATA membership: $1,226

Your Coach

Audrey Hughey is the founder of The Write Services, LLC and the Author Transformation Alliance where she uplifts her fellow authors through education and coaching on marketing, advertising, productivity, goal-setting, tech, and mindset topics. 

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Audrey spent 14 years in the Army (active and reserve) and spent 6 years in defense contracting. Her military and civilian experience include training and positions involving adult education and implementing a variety of learning methods to increase retention and success rates. 

Audrey has been featured in two fantasy anthologies, published multiple non-fiction projects, and is set to publish two full-length fiction projects before the end of 2019. She has managed to build a business that helps people while pursuing her B.A. in English (Writing) and her M.A. in Ancient and Classical History double- and triple-time, raising two young children, participating in volunteer history projects, publishing her non-fiction works, and pursuing her fiction writing. 

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