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The 2022
Author's Planner!

January - December 2022
If you have big goals for your writing and publishing, then The 2022 Author's Planner is going to help you stay on track and turn your dreams into reality. You can have the wild success you've been chasing, you only need the tools to keep you disciplined, committed, and accountable each week. 

This planner is designed to be your all-in-one day planner and writing-career coach, helping you organize your writing life, build effective business systems, and keep you on a clear path to achieve your writing and publishing goals. 

Planner Details:
- 8.5" x 11"
- Coil-bound
- 376 Pages
- Two cover options:
Typewriter or Pens & Watch
Your planner will include:

My Vision: Get clarity on your ultimate vision for your writing life.

My 2022: After outlining your ultimate vision, build an
actionable plan for creating massive success in 2022.

My Manuscripts: Keep track of your progress on your
most important manuscripts for the year.

My Marketing Plan: No more winging it, no more throwing spaghetti at the wall! This section helps you take a structured, thoughtful, and systematic approach to build a
marketing plan that works for your life and your budget.

My Year: Welcome to your new accountability partner! The quarterly, monthly, and weekly layouts help you build an action plan to keep you on track to 
achieving your writing, publishing, and sales goals. The reviews encourage you to think critically about what is and isn't working so you can build a better plan in the coming month.

More: Dedicated sections to track your monthly
income & expenses, keep your story ideas from getting lost in random notebooks around your house, track your submissions to agents/awards/contests, a section to track your reading goals and progress, review your accomplishments and progress at the end of the year, and even a section to systematically develop and refine your editing process.

The Essential Book Launch Planner!

January - December 2022
No more jumbled, frantic, last-minute launches! This guided launch planner is designed to help you take a systematic approach to research, plan, record, and review your launches. I believe our goal should always be to do better than we did the last time, and this planner is designed with that goal in mind. 

One step–and one page–at a time, you'll be guided through selecting tactics and building a strategy that works for your schedule, your energy, and your budget.
Whether your goal is small or grand, this A5-sized coil-bound Monthly Writing Focus Planner is designed to help you stay laser-focused and hit your target!

If you've been struggling to
finish your WIP, push through your edits, or finish your formatting, then this mighty little planner is going to be your new best friend! It is designed to keep you laser-focused on your single most important writing goal over the course of a single month so you can get it done
Over 50 courses, classes, and walkthroughs; private community; + accountability and suppor
The Author Transformation Alliance
The ATA was created to be a supportive community and provide training and resources to help authors take meaningful action and make continuous progress toward reaching their vision of success.
When you become a member, you'll get:
  • Access to our library of over 50 courses, guest expert masterclasses, and guided walkthroughs

  • Downloadables and printables to guide your learning and implementation

  • Live Q&A sessions with unlimited replay access 

  • Quick-boost training guides for growing your following and getting your book in front of more readers.


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