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Want to reach more
of your ideal readers?

Author Platform Breakthrough

Connect authentically with readers, grow your visibility, and reach the next level of your authorship. 

Everything you need is just within reach:
- Training
- Support
- Accountability

The Author Transformation Alliance (ATA) provides all of this and more!

Join today and you'll receive...

Pillar One: Information

  • Access to our library of over 50 courses, guest expert masterclasses, and guided walkthroughs

  • Downloadables and printables to guide your learning and implementation

  • Live Q&A sessions with unlimited replay access 

  • Quick-boost training guides for growing your following and getting your book in front of more readers.

[$4997 Value]

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Pillar Two: Community

  • The ATA is a close-knit, active, and positive community of authors 

  • We share feedback on blurbs, keywords, and covers

  • We pick you up and dust you off when you're feeling down

  • We cheer you on and celebrate your wins with you!

  • We share resources, information, and experiences to encourage and enlighten one another. 

  • We cross-promote on social media and in newsletters

[$97 Value]

Pillar Three: Guidance

  • Individual check-ins posted in the private group so you can share your progress and challenges, and get advice and support with any problem areas. 

  • ATA critique group to help hone your craft

  • Members are welcome to post frustrations or struggles -- to receive help and advice

  • Monthly, quarterly, and yearly planning workshops to help you build manageable plans for achieving your goals

[$297 Value]

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Pillar Four: Accountability

  • Many opportunities to make sure you're staying on track to achieving your goals

  • Beginning, middle, and end of month accountability check-ins via group livestream

  • Weekly writing/editing sprints

  • Weekly goal setting and progress reviews

  • Monthly content co-working sessions

[$197 Value]

A Total Monthly Value of $5,588!


Choose Your Path...

1-Month Sprint

1 Month of full access to the ATA

[$37 Value]

Author Platform Evaluation by Audrey

[$37 Value]

Total Value: $74

Your Investment: $37

3-Month Push

3 Months of full access to the ATA

[$111 Value]


Author Platform Evaluation by Audrey

[$37 Value]

Custom monthly content plan

[$49 Value]

Total Value: $197

Your Investment: $97

12-Month Focus

12 Months of full access to the ATA

[$444 Value)

Author Platform Evaluation by Audrey

[$37 Value]

Custom monthly content plan

[$49 Value]

Your choice: 2022 Author's Planner or Ultimate Authorship Planner

[$45 Value]

Custom pre-launch content planning

[$97 Value]

Total Value: $672

Your Investment: $297

What others are saying about the Author Transformation Alliance...



"I met Audrey through Instagram and took one of her workshops on hashtags and learned so much - all things that I was able to implement immediately and saw a difference on my account right away. Since I’ve joined The Authors Transformation Alliance group, I've continued to learn using her online classes. The connections and friends I’ve made along the way, which have become my “tribe,” are incredibly encouraging and supportive through the process of writing my first book. Whether you’re a brand new author or a seasoned writer, joining the Author Transformation Alliance will be a huge benefit."


- Nydia Pastoriza

"My biggest challenges are time management and self-confidence crises. With this group, I'm overjoyed to realize I'm not alone on either, and Audrey provides concrete methods for tackling both issues. She's positive, upbeat, and knows her stuff (she's already helped me fix some major Facebook ad boo-boos and up my Instagram game!). While I'm still a relative newbie, I'm so glad I decided to join the ATA and look forward to diving into the many and varied master classes she's made available to us. I highly recommend Audrey and her Author Transformation Alliance; you get access to wonderful, insightful, and helpful information for a fraction of what other social media gurus charge!"


- Margaret Locke

"When I first met Audrey, I hesitated to commit to working with her. Not because of her but because of me. I don't have a work-in-progress, I'm not that type of writer; the type being someone with a book already published or about to be published. Turns out Audrey works with all kinds of writers no matter where we are on our journey as writers. In a few months, I went from having an Instagram account I struggled with knowing what to post to my handful of followers to consistently posting to my 200+ followers. Audrey helped me develop my social media planning skills to the point, I am planned out and scheduled five weeks in advance. Next month is Camp NaNoWriMo and because of my work with Audrey and the Author Transformation Alliance, my social media is on autopilot and I can focus on writing without being derailed by obsessing about what I am posting on social media on any given day. If you are hesitant like I was, commit to a month and find out for yourself how Audrey and ATA can help you and your writing."


- Lynne Brown


Terms & Conditions


While the majority of my clients have reaped success beyond expectation from my support, they are hard workers who strive for success. They needed direction, education, and empowerment and then they were willing to do the work to implement what I taught them. If you do half the work, you will get half the results. Your commitment to success will determine your results and, as I cannot control what you choose do with everything that I provide to you, I cannot guarantee that your books will suddenly fly off the physical or digital shelves. I will do everything in my power to give you everything you need to succeed - support, tools, education, and I'll even get hands on and dig into your social media, graphics, email provider, website, Facebook ads, and more. I am confident that you'll leave our intensive energized, empowered, and equipped to propel your writing career in the right direction, but refunds cannot be issued for completed intensives. Have faith, invest in your writing career, and get the help you need to get to the next step! For more legalese, click "Terms & Conditions" in the footer...

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