5 Social Media Hacks for Authors

Are you struggling to get the hang of social media? I admit, it can be a big, fuzzy, exhausting mess but trust me – when it’s done right it’s totally worth it!

I’ve been fielding a lot of questions recently from my fellow authors about social media. From what platforms to be on and how often to post, to how to get attention and make it worth the time it takes to maintain a presence.

So, in lieu of individually telling each person I meet, I’ve created this quick hack sheet to get you started on managing the madness! Let's make social media an experience that's just a little happier!

1. Make A Plan

Do you get on your social media every day and just sit there, wondering what you should post about? It’s rough, right? And when you can’t decide on something – or can’t think of anything – you begin to feel like you have writer’s block. Yikes!

I hate that feeling! Don’t you?

So here’s the remedy – make a plan. And not just any plan – I’m going to give you the social media manager’s secret rule. Make it 80/20: 80% entertaining, educating, and inspiring your followers, 20% promoting yourself and your books.

“What?!” You cry, enraged by the idea of spending your precious time (that you could be using to write or edit) entertaining your followers.