Top 10 Gifts for Writers

It can often be difficult to find the perfect gift for our author friends or writing buddies, or even the perfect gifts to add to our own wishlists in the hope that a loved one will see it. After consulting with members of the Author Transformation Alliance and asking them what writerly gifts they'd love to give or receive this holiday season, I've carefully curated a list of the top ten that you'll want to keep in mind.

If you're not a writer but you're trying to find the perfect gift for the writer in your life, you've definitely found yourself in the right place!

1. THE WRITER'S EMERGENCY PACK - Available with Prime Shipping on Amazon

"When your story gets stuck, Writer Emergency Pack has the tools you need. Fix plot holes. Spice up stock characters. Rethink your themes. Writer Emergency Pack contains 26 illustrated cards, each featuring a different idea for getting unstuck. The notion of using cards to help you write isn't new. Writers have long used tarot cards, looking for meaning in the illustrations, or decks like Oblique Strategies, with its koan-like prompts ("Repetition is a form of change"). The ideas in Writer Emergency Pack are designed to be less abstract, and more immediately useful. They're specifically tailored to people writing fiction, from novels to scripts, poems to plays. The cards focus on story, character, and conflict. Writer Emergency Pack gives you the questions that lead to great answers."


"Save your place in a book with the Mutanabbi Bookmark Corner. Slip it on to the corner of the current page that you want to save and close the book. It will keep your place until you return. It is designed with a thumb tab for easy opening.

Handcrafted from eco-tanned camel leather, each bookmark corner is meticulously cut and stitched by hand.

These are named after Al-Mutanabbi, often considered to be one of the greatest poets in the Arabic language. He may have used a camel leather bookmark corner similar to this. Now you can, too!

Size: about 2.75" x 1.25" (6.8cm x 3cm)

Camel leather

Stitched by hand with French linen thread

Shipping • Domestic: Free • International: $10 Flat Fee

This item is shipped in special, complimentary, gift-ready packaging."

3. THE 2018 AUTHOR'S JOURNAL - Available with Prime Shipping on Amazon

Make 2018 Your Best Author Year Ever! The 2018 Author's Journal is a planner designed for authors, providing spaces to plan your writing and publishing goals, develop effective marketing & advertising plans, and it even contains your daily planner. This all-in-one planner is your writing, business, and productivity coach, guiding you through the year in a way that raises you up to reach your goals.

My Vision: In this section of the Journal, you are guided through an effective goal-setting and evaluation walkthrough that helps you identify what is most important to you and your writing career in the coming year.

My Manuscripts: This section is dedicated to giving you adequate space to document your works-in-progress and keep track of which ones are most important for you to finish and publish in the new year.

My Editing Process: This section provides space to helping you identify and refine your process for self-editing and for evaluating and selecting editors for your various manuscripts.

My Story Ideas: Often we're right in the middle of completing one manuscript when an idea for a new story strikes. Many of us will try to write down this idea in a handy notebook or even in a digital word processing document that eventually gets lost. By the time we're ready to return to it, we rarely seem to find that neat story idea we'd like to revisit. No more losing your ideas across a series of disappearing 6x9 journals or 8x11 college-ruled notebooks. Now you can keep all of your story ideas in a single notebook, bound in with the rest of your authorship and readily at hand without adding more clutter to your desk.

My Reading List: In this section, space is provided for you to make a plan for personal and professional reading preferences for the coming year, as well as keeping track of additional books you'd like to add to your list. There's also a space for you to rack up a trophy list of titles you've completed reading through the year!

My 2018 Expenses: One of the most frustrating things at tax time is trying to find all of our records and determine what we should take to the accountant and what to leave behind. It's pretty easy to leave everything behind if you don't remember where you kept receipts and order confirmations! Instead, have it all in one space, in your 2018 Author's Journal, laid out month-by-month with instructions for digitally logging receipts. When tax time comes, you can just take your 2018 Author's Journal with you to the accountant and let them sort out what's best to claim and what to leave out.

My Marketing Plan: This space is designed to help you develop your own marketing plan and prepare to have a year unlike any you've had before. No more guessing at what you should do next, and no more throwing spaghetti at the wall. It's time to build a plan based on growing your visibility and reaching your ideal readers easily and building better relationships with them. We cover social media marketing, collaboration, blogging, and even get you started on paid advertising (there's more on that in the monthly sections).

My Year: This is where your official planner begins. Fortunately, this isn't like any other planner out there. Each month begins with a reflection on the previous month and then developing your goals and priorities for the new month. Then there is space to decide on your blogging and collaboration plans for the month, as well as an entire page dedicated to planning and tracking your paid advertising for the month.

Plus, there is a social media content plan provided for every single month!

The day planner portion is laid out weekly, with each week covering two pages and includes space to keep track of your visibility goals, your health and wellness, and your weekly and daily authorship priorities.

Quarterly reviews and a final yearly review are included to help you achieve real growth and keep you focused on reaching the goals you set and reshaping your vision for your writing career as those goals evolve.

BONUS: Purchase of the journal includes access to a digital resource page filled with additional videos about how you can adapt the journal to your unique situation, a downloadable "Authorship Tracker" spreadsheet, and videos from guests to help encourage you and guide you as you prepare to tackle the new year.

"Every author, wherever they are on their journey needs this book." - AC Nixon, Author of ACHING FOR HOME "As a multimedia artist (performer and author), I love how this planner could be used to map out collaborations and ideas for either of my platforms. Thank you, Audrey, for finally giving creative people a planner that we need!" - K. McCoy, Author of SOPRANO SPEAKS "A really nice one-stop shop to help authors (indie and otherwise!) keep track of everything from expenses to promo plans to inspiration. Every author should have one of these!" -R. L. King "This is an all-in-one journal/planner/organizer for authors of all levels. It focuses you on the critical aspects of your career and provides practical tools for your success. I'll be glad to have it at my writing next for all of 2018." - P. A. Duncan, author of A WAR OF DECEPTION "I love how this journal is truly all-encompassing and well-organized. I love the reflective sections throughout the journal to help ensure I'm really making the most of my year and chasing my author dreams. I can't wait to get started with 2018 because Audrey really has given me an outline for success with this journal. It feels like a customizable business plan with room for reflection and wellness. I really don't think there is another journal out there as helpful, meaningful, and real for the author's life. It's a perfect mix of Audrey's expertise with room for my own reflections and needs." - Lindsay Detwiler, author of INKED HEARTS Choose from five distinct covers:

Mare Dipinto Cover
Neve Fresca Cover
Notte in Bianco Cover

Eleganza Lontano Cover

Figlio Romano Cover

4. Pride and Prejudice Infinity Scarf - Lithographs

"Every super soft Litographs scarf is individually hand pressed to order​. We use all-over dye sublimation so that the text covers every inch. Choose from twelve colors and four beautiful fonts to create your perfect scarf.

FEATURES Around 30,000 words

STYLE Infinity scarf. 58 inches long, 10.5 inches wide.

MATERIAL High-quality, 100% spun polyester to deliver the look and feel of cotton, while allowing full color, all-over dye sublimation printing.


Lithographs carries a vast array of products such as scarves, t-shirts, tote bags, posters, and more designed around your favorite literary classics.

5. KATANA BOOKENDS - Available with Prime Shipping on Amazon

"Designing products for people as elusive as Ninjas is tricky - we had to draw on what we've learned of them from popular culture, which is that they can sneak, leap, slice, throw things, and hover. We can only assume they achieve this broad skillset from reading LOTS of self-help books. So any self-respecting ninjitsu master could surely use a set of cool bookends… Shaped like a Katana sword - the aptly named Katana Bookends frame your favourite reads and brilliantly look like you've impaled all of literature with your mighty (metaphorical) sword of knowledge."

6. Writers' Tears Red Head Single Malt Irish Whiskey - Walsh Distillery

"This exquisite, triple-distilled single malt is matured only in select handpicked Spanish sherry butts which have previously been seasoned with the finest Oloroso sherry. It is the influence of these scarce butts that give this expression of Writers’ Tears its signature rich, ruby hue and hence the moniker – ‘Red Head’. The expression is distilled without chill filtering as nature intended and at a distinctive 46% ABV."

The best news about Writers' Tears is that your bottle can be delivered in 3-10 days worldwide!

7. 100 Essential Novels Scratch-Off Poster - Pop Chart Lab

"18" x 24" - A gorgeous scratch-off reading list of 100 literary classics, from Defoe to Austen to Orwell to Morrison and beyond. Scratch the foil to reveal a story-specific cover detail! Need a book recommendation? How about 100? Scratch that literary itch with this stunning scratch-off chart of essential novels from 1605 to present. Each timeless work is represented by an evocative, hand-drawn cover design—gently scratch the gold foil off each novel you’ve read and reveal an additional, narrative-specific design detail hidden underneath!

Note: Unlike our other framed prints, the framed version of this scratch-off chart does not include a clear acrylic front panel (for obvious scratch-enabling reasons)."

8. Dryden Luxury Fountain Pen - Available with Prime Shipping from Amazon

Every writer deserves a beautiful pen! Some of the features of this pen:

"- GLIDES SMOOTHLY OVER THE PAGE without any blotching, skipping, or bleeding. And showcase your unique creative identity and impress friends, family, and clients and wait for the compliments to roll in! - ERGOCOMFORT TECHNOLOGY means you enjoy hours of UNINTERRUPTED WRITING without any strain to your wrist or hand. A Delicate Weight to Comfort Ratio to suit both Left and Right handed writers. - MEDIUM NIB, FREE CONVERTER and LUXURY GIFT POUCH for a complete gift package (no ink is included for safety reasons). - MODERN CLASSIC: This latest offering by Dryden is modern, clean and architecturally savvy. With the Dryden fountain pen, each mark you make is distinctively yours—deliberate, intimate and immediate—enhanced by the creative finesse of a refined nib."

9. The Book Lover's 2018 Calendar - Available with Prime Shipping on Amazon

"A calendar that keeps you reading all year, with hundreds of fantastic recommendations for readers of all interests and obsessions. Fans of Cloud Atlas will love Sharon Guskin’s The Forgetting Time, a taut psychological thriller. Historical fiction aficionados will be hooked by Chris Cleave’s epic WWII–era novel Everyone Brave Is Forgiven. Plus fascinating works of nonfiction, including Nathalia Holt’s Rise of the Rocket Girls, the true story of the group of brilliant women who paved the way for America’s space program."

10. The Gift of Membership - 1, 2, or 3 months of membership in the Author Transformation Alliance

The Author Transformation Alliance was created to provide affordable, high-quality, cutting edge digital marketing and social media marketing training to authors without costing them hundreds or thousands of dollars for each course. Each course in the ATA is of the same quality (and often better) than those one-time, self-study courses found throughout the internet costing you anywhere from $197-$997 each. Our library of courses includes:

- Instagram for Authors - Instagram Growth and Sales

- Social Media Fundamentals - Your Authorship on Autopilot

- Facebook for Authors - Building Facebook Groups

- Author Newsletters - Fundamentals of Email List-Building

- Mid-Year Authorship Review - Yearly Reflect and Resolve

- Boosting Book Sales - Facebook Advertising (Jan 1, 2017)

Guest experts also contribute to the Alliance to fill in the gaps and teach masterclasses on topics that will help the author get to the next level sooner. Our Guest Expert Masterclasses include:

- Anatomy of a Book Cover - Conversion Magic for Authors

- Reclaim Your Time - Polish Your Manuscript

- Clarity in Your Writing Life - Scrivener Masterclass

- Author Branding - Publishing with CreateSpace and KDP

- Moving Through Fear and Self-Doubt

Gift cards can be purchased in 1, 2, and 3 month increments. For additional months to purchase, just ask. Membership is $37/month, but if you're buying a gift card (for your writer or even for yourself) you're going to receive a little holiday discount.

- 1 month for $32 ($5 off)

- 2 months for $54 ($20 off)

- 3 months for $72 ($39 off)

To purchase a membership gift card for your writer (or yourself), send an email to with the following information:

Your name:

Your email address:

Gift recipient:

Email address of the recipient:

Your message to the recipient:

Digital and/or printable gift card customization: ("Happy Holidays," "Merry Christmas," etc.)

After I receive your email, you will receive an invoice and then you will your gift card and login details within 24 hours of payment.

Check out this video tour of the Alliance:

For more testimonials and reviews of the Author Transformation Alliance, click HERE and scroll throughout the page.

Disclaimer: The links from Amazon are affiliate links. Any commission I receive helps to maintain this website. Regardless of affiliate links, I only share what I personally believe are great gifts for writers (and they're all on my personal wishlist if I don't already have them!)

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