ATA Flash Fiction Winner

Our 2018 - Week 3 Winner is Allison K Garcia

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The prompt was

Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be By: Allison K. García Khali twirled the cheap pen between her thumb and middle finger, listening to her professor drone on about some current event that had been in the news. “This one thing could change the future for us all.” He slapped his hand on the desk for extra emphasis. “Gimme a break,” Khali mumbled and a small groan escaped her lips. “I’m sorry, Miss Amata, am I boring you?” She stopped twirling the pen. “Frankly, yes.” His mindset was too focused on the present. He had no appreciation for history, how many thousands of times a situation just like this had occurred in the past, or how miniscule this event was in the grand scheme of time. “Perhaps you’d like to teach the class.” The class snickered. How many times had she accepted that challenge in the past? More than she could count. And it always ended the same way: astonishment, bewilderment, confusion, doubt, anger, and eventually attempted murder. Why she kept putting herself in these situations was the better question. But, alas, she loved to learn. And she’d rather not be on the run again if she could help it. She went the high road and shook her head. “That’s more like it.” He strutted back to his desk. She rolled her eyes and turned up her music a couple notches in her earbuds. “Immortals” by Fall Out Boy was playing. It was catchy but naïve. She smirked. No matter the era, immortality and immortal love was always a thing. But no one knew. No one understood what it was really like. The constant hiding. The boredom. The loneliness. No, if there was one thing the millennia had taught her, it was this: Living forever was horrible.

Congratulations: Allison!

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