ATA Flash Fiction Winner

Week 4 Judge's report

While there were only two entries, in this week’s competition, they were both excellent stories. They were well written, thought provoking, and haunt me in different ways.

One of the advantages of writing a character’s journal is the fact that everything that is written is them. It’s their writing and any grammatical errors are theirs. Writing dialog involves a little more grammar because you’re weaving characters’ words into the story. You have to rely on your use of punctuation etc. again, both entries executed this well.

The stories were very different in style and genre. One was a mystery/adventure/SciFi story and the other a people study focused on industry and society and the effect they can have on one another. One brought to mind ‘War of the Worlds’, and the other, ‘The Man in the White Suit.’ (Great movie about science and its effect on people/society)

Judging was made difficult because the decision should never come down to ‘Writer (X) wrote in my preferred genre.’

Both stories were solid, Grammar, spelling and punctuation were well executed.

The stories each have a beginning, middle and end, although both endings trail off.. In one you assume the writer is gone - and you’re the one reading their journal left to figure out what happened or suffer the same fate. In the other story, the ending leaves you with a philosophic thought- who is of more value in the end? Who will survive? The story is told in first person but it is the secondary character who delivers the last line. We never find out why the narrator was there or if the woman has any effect on him/his world view.

What it really came down to was descriptions and the endings.

Again, both stories were excellent and it was a hard decision to come to. Thank you for sharing your stories with us and I look forward to reading more from both of you!

Honorable mention goes to: Mark A. Morris - Cannery Row.

This story was well written and thought provoking. It really does say a lot about people and ethics, and the fact that ‘just business’ doesn’t mean it isn’t personal to the people affected.

This week’s winner is: Allison Garcia - The Place Time had forgotten.

Another very well written story that edged out the competition by telling a complete story that left only one question unanswered… well two— “Who are the aliens?” and “What happened to the narrator?”

Well done, and I hope to see you both tomorrow for week 5.

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