ATA Flash Fiction Winner

Our 2018 - Week 5 Winner is Mark A Morris

The Prompt:

Lost Virtue “Look at that; there’s probably a million people down there, surely there’s a few Don Quixotes among them.” “Say what?” “The city, the windmills; this road between them. Maybe it’s only the road that stops the present-day world overwhelming the past.” “Look, it’s early. I’m barely awake enough to drive and you’re giving me literature and philosophy to chew on. I never read the book when I was at school – I just used the CliffsNotes to get by when we did the assignments. Mister Watts didn’t notice: he was too busy flirting with the Arts’ mistress to bother about marking that year…” “Miss Jane, wasn’t it? The one with the hair? The one who left unexpectedly later that year?” “Yes, that one. You wouldn’t believe the rumours I’ve heard about her. Let’s say she needed an unexpected surgical reduction procedure a few months later. Mister Watts was never the same after that, either.” “’Virtue is persecuted by the wicked more than it is loved by the good’. That was Quixote – or someone in it, at least. Watts certainly persecuted Miss Jane. Who’d have thought he had it in him?” “Yes, indeed. And with her only a few years older than us. It makes you wonder. A school filled with girls and a tutor flirting with a woman barely out of her teens.” I nodded, then looked back up at the windmills. “It’d be a shame if they went though. The tourists must love them.”