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ATA Flash Fiction Winner

Our 2018 - Week 10 Winner is ...

First and foremost, thank you all for some consistently great writing. You make it look effortless while I know some great thought goes into the writing.

This week's stories all covered a sense of escape, a sense of need.

Escape - by Mark A Morris

The intro was quick and terse, lending itself to the sense of urgency, and while there was no description of the pursuers, the feeling of urgency was present. You did a very good job of building suspense.

For the Village - by Kenny Roberts

Another very good opening. It conveys the urgency which drives the protagonist on - throughout, they push on with one thought, one drive. You kept that sense of urgency through out.

Into the Wild - by Mil Ana

This one was beautiful for the need to escape the office (and the co-worker). I so did not expect that the wilds were as close as a thought.

All of you did a wonderful job of using the prompt and weaving your tales, but alas, there can only be one winner. This week's winner is:

For the Village by Kenny Roberts

You built up a great sense of urgency. Even at the end I was not expecting that heart wrenching moment as they reach the top of that last hill, well done.

For the village - M. Roberts Run. Keep running. Can’t stop running. Stacy breathed steady as she kept the pace she’d had all day today. It had been three days since she crept from shadow to shadow while traversing the siege line that had been fortified around her village. She had been running ever since. Her village needed aid and she would not let them down. She was so close! Just this one last final hill. She just had to keep pushing herself up this hill.

Lost in her thoughts as she charged up the hill, she did not see the rock sticking out of the ground in front of her. It caught her ankle as she stormed past and knocked her flat. She started falling down the hill, bouncing against rocks on her way down. She landed with a thud against the ground, halfway back down the hill. She groaned and tried to get up. Pain seized her leg. Her ankle was definitely broken. She could not give up now though, so she started to crawl. Finally, she painstakingly dragged herself over the crest of the ridge, ready to see the purpose of her pain. What she saw instead, were the smoldering ruins of what used to be the capital.

Congratulations all and thank you!

I look forward to reading more from you!

Tune in at noon Saturday for a new challenge

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