ATA Flash Fiction Winner

Our 2018 - Week 13 Winner is ...

First, my apologies. I didn't realize that it was Friday until about 10 minutes ago. Now on with the judging.

Two Amazing stories were written and it is both my privilege and honor to read both stories and judge them They were both well constructed, but there were some things that set the two stories apart.

First we have an entry from Mark Morris - This story packed a lot of tension into so few words. You painted a picture and added to the tension giving us a false start and managing to include the cat Well done.

The second entry was by Vivian Boukouvala - and it told a touching story about a woman's personal journey of discovery.

In both cases I want to know more about the story, but the winning story pulled me in immediately and I was drawn into the tension and the action. As much as I hate the cliche of Show don't tell that was the final deciding factor.

The Prompt: