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ATA Flash Fiction Winner

Our 2018 - Week 16 Winner is ...

Well, I think I need to be a little more specific when I set the ending time (like adding the timezone in question).

I have been thinking of giving more time for people to write, maybe ending it at noon EDST Monday please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

The Prompt:

This week there were four entries and they were all excellent - We had a tale of endurance and pushing your limits, one about the drama that can touch the shores, but the waves move on. Another story told of complete surrender and the other the power of hope.

These stories seem to be a part of something bigger and give us a snapshot of a situation, and in each case I want more of each. Your stories draw the reader in and engage their senses in different ways. It's hard to look at a picture and smell the salt sea... to bring to mind the power of the waves, and yet each of you did in your own way.

Audrey, your story made me fall in love with the hero we never see, you told so much about the heroine's relationship with how he listened to her and how she remained there after so much time, holding onto the hope, almost afraid to leave... a perfect picture of limbo.

Mark, your story held this incredible comparison between the forces of nature and our own endeavors. We run around, so important, so desperate and in the end, nature moves on, seemingly untouched by the tragedy of one life.

Mil Ana, I loved your imagery. I loved this view of mythos with a modern flair and the desire (and fear) of hope. Hope can see us through the worst of things-- and it can ruin us. Your story was powerful

Klári, the imagery, the sensations you evoked were amazing. I could feel the pull of the ocean and the power of the surf below. You painted such a vivid picture.

Each story left me breathless, and in each case I wanted more - I wanted the hero to return from the sea, I wanted to know what happened to the girl, I wanted hope to win and I wanted to see the new home to not be the end, but the start of something amazing.

And each of these stories are the start of something amazing You all should be proud!


Alas, there can only be one winner and this week, it is our own Audrey Knapp.

In 339 words, you gave me love, tragedy, endurance and stubborn tenacity that was, as Mark said, beautiful and bleak. Instead of the silver lining, you showed me the underbelly of tarnished steel that will not break. Well done.

The Winning Story:

The wild winds rolled the waves into heaving masses that pounded the rocky shoreline mercilessly. Mira wrapped her cloak a little tighter around her shoulders against the cold air as her eyes searched beyond the whitecaps. She'd watched the sunrise from her perch atop the high cliffs. By the third moon, I’ll have returned to you. An inkling of despair wedged its way into the pit of Mira’s stomach and she turned her eyes from the sea, eager for a break from the fear that was forming in her desperate mind. The gray mare, her favorite wedding gift, was happily munching away at the lush, salty grass that grew easily atop the warm, windy cliffs. Her eyes slid to the black saddle, its leather engraved and emblazoned with silver accents and leather tassels. That saddle proved that he listened. He had listened carefully when she pointed out the one she liked during their visit to the saddler in Lisbon. He proved it again when he’d gotten her a man’s saddle, rather than the pretentious sidesaddles intended for “ladies.” She was no lady. And he was a gentleman unlike any other. By the third moon… Mira closed her eyes and banished his words from her thoughts. The color was beginning to fade from that saddle, as much as she spent time and money trying to care properly for it. It was the last thing she had of any value, save for her body. But now they wanted that too. Three moons had come and passed. After six moons, her child was delivered stillborn, and she dismissed the servants. In nine moons she sold the last of the silverware and the pottery. In twelve moons, broken in spirit and bereft of funds, she sold their home. It had been fifteen moons now, and she had retired herself and the mare to a hidden seaside cave. Each day she woke, prayed, and reaffirmed her faith before riding atop the cliffs, collecting herbs, hunting small game, and ever watching the vicious blue sea.

Thank you all once again and stay tuned tomorrow for our Monthy contest for a 30 day trial membership to the ATA.

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