ATA Flash Fiction Winner

Our 2018 - Week 18 Winner is ...

Another week already!? This year seems to be slipping by.

I wanted to thank everyone who participated, and look forward to more stories to com.

The Prompt:

One of the things I love in flash fiction is looking at the picture and trying to come up with something other than the obvious, or using the obvious to deliver a message that steps beyond the picture (or in my case perhaps a bit of humor or horror... or even humorous horror...

In both cases this week, our competitors found something unexpected.

Mark, unfortunately, many people do not get irony. (like Marissa in your story) It reminded me of the mouse a friend pet sat (the mouse wasn't originally the pet, he was a feeder mouse for a sntake who had taken ill. The mouse developed an attitude, standing in front of the glass, challenging all comers. "Hey, if he won't eat me... what do I have to fear!?"

Mil Ana, This was a little unsettling. Being a computer programmer, I will joke about becoming allergic to the sun... but to actually get another perspective, to become a lowly worm and still hold your faculties... That is horror.

These stories were more about thought and emotion and each gave me something to think about.

As always well done, and unfortunately- there can only be one winner.


Today's winner is Mark Morris - you gave a very nice peek into a relationship that speaks volumes by what they care about and you did it with a subtle sardonic bite.

Well done!

The Winning Story: