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ATA Flash Fiction Winner

Our 2018 - Week 19 Winner is ...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, time is moving way too quickly.

The Prompt:

This week we have two stories that are almost mirrors to each other - one light with the thread of darkness and foreboding and one dark and foreboding with a touch of light at the end.

Both are wonderful stories and well worth the read.

Mark, - I love smart skulls with clever witisms... and you captured that 'uh-oh' moment so well.

Mil Ana, This story held the threat of darkness and delivered it so well...

It's strange that both of these stories could dove tale one into the other... the heroine from Mil Ana's story becoming the skull in Mark's.

Interesting to contemplate..


Today's winner is Mil Anna - Your story gives a full tale of terror and hope that will haunt me.

Well done!

The Winning Story:


Most stories begin with a “what if” and end with “happily ever after”. Except in real life, it all goes wrong; real life stories also start with a “what if”, only to end in failed expectations. Or so I thought.

He was dressed in black, dancing softly, like a feather drifting in the air.

I was dressed in pink. Wishing for a happy ending.

“What if I fall in love tonight?” I thought.

So the story began.

“I’m not dark or anything,” he said, when he noticed me staring at him.

“You’re not?”

“I’m only philosophically pessimistic.”

A gun on his desk caught my attention, when we arrived at his place.

As a kid, I used to take fish out of fish tanks and throw them back into the sea. I considered myself a fish savior. Could I be his savior too?

“I wish I could pull the sadness out of you and place it back where it belongs,” I said.

'“Where’s that?”

“Sadness should be thrown away.”

His laughter, eerie, otherworldly, yet soft and tender, echoed in the room, as he offered me a drink.

“I used to be greedy, collecting stuff. Now all I collect is memories.”

“Memories aren’t that bad to collect.”

He grabbed the gun from his desk. With steady hands, as if he had done it all before, he pointed it straight to my heart.

I fell down at first shot.

He ate me like a proper jikininki. I’d heard of them, yet I never believed they existed: those ghosts of greedy people, cursed to seek out and eat human corpses.

My skull now lies on his desk, next to his gun. He pours himself another drink and sits there, admiring what’s left of me. I can feel it when he looks my way; his love, shining through his sorrowful eyes soothes my soul, like a lullaby. I am his savior indeed. Love is the only cure for sadness.

So the story ended. Sparks of “happily ever after”, hidden in the ashes of a bittersweet fairy tale gone bad.

Perhaps, that’s how all stories end.

Thank you all once again and stay tuned tomorrow for our next installment of ATA Flash

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