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ATA Flash Fiction Winner

Our 2018 - Week 20 Winner is ...

"Seems like everyone had a bumpy ride..."

And I managed to leave tomorrow's post as a draft and schedule this for tomorrow....

The Prompt:

It's interesting - I look at this picture and I see a bright, sunny day and an interesting cloud formation... but that doesn't seem to make for good fiction ;)

I'm happy to say, this adventure never gets old.

Mark Morris - I think it's both chilling and exhilarating that in the end... you can still have at least some say in now you go.

Mil Ana, you gave us a sad progression from young love to drifting apart and even in the end... it was still worth while.

Kyriakos Chalkopoulos, Greek Gods, Titans and the Muses... Oh, my!


As always, only one winner is possible... and this weeks winner is: Mark A. Morris

The Winning Story:

The earthquake threw the Buick across the road, dropping it so it landed on all four wheels at once. The cloud formation was taking up most of the sky now, and the birds were all quiet. “That’s the end of the car, I guess.” Burke turned the key again. It wouldn’t start. The engine turned over well enough but with no sign of a spark. There was also a smell of petrol, growing stronger the longer he tried to restart it. “Yeah. I think it’s done. Us too, if we don’t get out.” Holly unbuckled her belt calmly, then frowned when she tried to open her door. It wouldn’t move. She raised her eyebrows hopefully, biting back on the fear that was threatening to rise again. “Sorry, Hon.” Burke leaned forward and thumbed the ‘padlock’ button, winking back at her when it was answered by a multiple ‘thunk’. He yawned and pushed his own door open, stepping outside onto the road. The Ağrı Province was remote, this road only a few hours from Iran. The last vehicle they’d seen had been going the opposite way, filled with what looked like a militia group on exercise, the flat bed of the truck shoulder-to-shoulder with khaki-uniform-wearing men. She’d choked back on her dread then too, only relaxing when it disappeared into the distance. The End of Days was a given, the experts said, but she still wanted to have some choice in how she finished her life. Back out on the road, they soon established a rhythm, Burke trying to maintain a position ahead of her but falling back whenever he wanted to talk. Holly was smaller and lighter but leaner too and at least as fit as the man. Keeping up was relatively easy. “So, what now?” Burke unscrewed the top from his flask and offered it over to her. “You got any ideas?” Holly shook her head and then took it, tilting it back until the water filled her mouth. “Not a one. We all live a while longer, then we die. But isn’t that always the case?”

Thank you all once again and stay tuned tomorrow for our next installment of ATA Flash - This weekend will be extended to the US Memorial Day Holiday weekend.

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