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ATA Flash Fiction Winner

Our 2018 - Week 21 Winner is ...

We had a great collection of stories this week, reading them was a delight!

The Prompt:

Seven stories this week - to delight and amaze - if you haven't read them, please check them out here:

Mil Ana, your story has a poetic quality to it that is rich and meaningful.

Mark Morris - I can see these little scenarios on a collision course, and I really want to see where they end up.

Mary Decker - although not eligible, I've been waiting to write this story for a while and this actually gave me the inspiration to write it.

Allison Katheryn Garcia - A very true touch of life, pictures are a frozen moment in time - when everything is 'just right'... but life in motion is chaos. Well done.

Audrey Hughey - I love how you engage the senses in this story- it really draws the reader in... and the ending is both beautiful and... a little bit horrifying.

Danielle Bannister - The feeling here, the ingredients and how memory is tied to scent is so true. And the dilemma of opening up old memories and hurting the healer in order to aid the patient is striking.

Clesea Munsterman - You convey the sense of urgency very well, the frustration and panic feel very real.

Dan Nelson - This story started off so nicely and you did a wonderful job of setting things up and then totally took me by surprise at the end.


This week we had enough entries that I am declaring a winner and an honorable mention. Well done all!

Honorable mention:

Mil Ana - Your story was so poetic, it haunted me. Long after reading it, the images and feelings would come back to me and I would find myself thinking about your story. This is why your story is this week's Honorable Mention


Dan Nelson - This story was a beautiful (and twisted) tale that is the epitome of flash fiction. You have told a complete story, with everything set up in the beginning and even though you twisted things at the end, the groundwork had been expertly laid. Your story was excellent, and that twist at the end sold the story and sealed the win.

The Pesto Ruined My Dinner

by Dan Nelson

I spent hours making her the perfect meal for her. She didn't much care for steak, but in my heart of hearts I knew that if I seared it just right, if I seasoned it perfectly, she'd fall in love with it. Maybe not with me, though. At least not right away. They say the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach, don't they?

Preparations began with collecting supplies. I needed so many things for this night! My knives, dulled after years of neglect. My cast iron pan, long rusted. My spices, dull, tasteless and old. It’s unacceptable. I return home bursting with anticipation and excitement - it wasn't every day I prepare a perfect dinner for a beautiful woman after all. I flay the meat, taking great care to trim fat and excess tissue. I light the stove, filling the room with a noxious combination of dust and natural gas. I season the meat as I heat the pan. BUZZ. The doorbell. She’s early. I rush to greet her. She smiles as I take her coat and show her to the dining room. She sits. I pour her a glass of wine. Her eyes never leave me. I awkwardly retreat to the kitchen. I sear the steak. She calls to me, “it smells wonderful!” I grin. With a mortar and pestle, I crush together a pesto of basil and garlic and just a hint of sea salt. It was time. Now I sit across the table from her. Her face is twisted in what I’d like to call a smile, but it’s not. Why isn’t she smiling? Why isn’t she eating? Her eyes are fixated on the two blood-soaked rags tied hastily around my stomach, where there was once at least 8 ounces of flesh. I stand to feed her another bite. She struggles against her restraints. “Would you care for some pesto on this?” She lets out a scream that fills the room. I don’t understand why she’s so upset. After all, I’m just on the way to her heart.

Thank you all once again and stay tuned tomorrow for our next installment of ATA Flash -

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