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ATA Flash Fiction Winner

Our 2018 - Week 22 Winner is ...

We had a great collection of stories this week, reading them was a delight!

The Prompt:

This week we had two entries - both were interesting stories (although I kept looking for a verbal prompt that was part of a competition I entered this week) No, I'm not tired ;)

Jen Chichester - You gave us a great slice of life and a delightful zinger. I sincerely doubt Mariella could find her heart, with a road map and a helpful Boy Scout. I loved the fact that both of them almost had the right answer.

Mil Ana - I love the truth in this story, that sometimes we see what we want to see and the fact that if you only go for the 'best' parts you miss out on the rest of life - the living. (and since alchemy is all about boiling things down and concentrating them and transforming them into the best... it was a good description.


Jen Chickester - For irony above and beyond. You take the simple act of studying and turn it into a commentary about people The selfish woman who is so focused on herself and her needs that she isn't even taking care of meeting them... and the young man who's helping her study.

As stated above, I love the irony that her study partner has the information wrong as well... It is so true to life.

Winning Story:

An Anatomy Lesson

Mariella didn’t want to admit to her study group that she hadn’t read the reading material and only took bare-bones notes during class. Human Biology just wasn’t that enthralling. She didn’t care about how proton pumps work or how energy is generated within the body. It was simply a required class; she couldn’t complete her Psychology degree without it. “So, you get the difference between arteries and veins, right?” Drew asked from across the table. As he did so, he pushed his glasses up his nose with his pencil’s eraser. Mariella blandly replied, “I guess.” Drew, the quintessential science geek who clearly worshipped Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson, cast his gaze downward at his notes. “Well, the arteries carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to bodily tissues. Veins return oxygen-depleted blood back to the heart. What are the two main veins it returns through?” “Um… The super and interior venus cavitiess?” Mariella’s uncaring and totally incorrect answer brought a frown to Drew’s face. He furrowed his brows but persisted nonetheless. “The superior and interior vena cava.” “I was close.” Drew paused for a moment, pushed his glasses up again, and leaned over the table toward Mariella – a surprisingly bold move for the shy nerd. “Do you care if you fail?” Mariella was stunned. She tried to stammer out a “yes” but couldn’t. Drew continued. “You might not care about the biological processes of the heart, or about anything to do with what makes us human, but I do. And you know what I think? Your heart might be physically fine, but your deeper, innermost heart has the Great Wall of China around it. You know my feelings for you, yet I always get the cold shoulder. You know what? I’m done trying. I can’t help you; I can’t fix you. Good luck, Mariella. You’re going to need it.” With that, Drew gathered his things and stormed out of the coffee shop, leaving Mariella to think: He’s right.

Thank you all once again and stay tuned tomorrow for our next installment of ATA Flash -

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