ATA Flash Fiction Winner

Our 2018 - Week 25 Winner is ...

We had a great collection of stories this week, reading them was a delight!

The Prompt:

Please note: Pay attention to the rules, word counts may change from week to week, although the 200-400 word limit seem to be working for people.

Mark Morris - Your story had a lot of atmosphere, which you built very well. I'd love to know what happens with the city guard.

Mil Ana - Your story was poetic and lyrical and lyrical, and held a hit of Poe to it - Shades of madness, blurring the line between what is real and what is imagined - Well done.

Meredith Bond - Your story was touching, tragic and yet-- sometimes living for another is all you can do until you find a reason for yourself.

Karen Kile Carr - Your story was a delightful mix of fantasy, mystery and wisdom. All too often we confuse the three, especially in matters of the heart.

Today's Winner is:

Karen Kile Carr - Your story pulled me in, and as soon as Gee-ma laughed, I knew where it was headed. It was a charming, well told story. Congratulations, you've won a free 30 day trial membership to the Author Transformation Alliance!

Winning Story:

Eliza locked eyes with the mystery man. Her heart thudded and the dusty landscape began to spin. Her Gee-ma had warned her about spells before, how it felt as if you were being removed from your body, but Eliza had never felt the effects of one until now. The air around her grew thick. Inhaling hurt. Exhaling hurt. But it was a different hurt than she had ever known. It was a beautiful hurt, like when you look at a sunset that is too bright.

Look away, she willed herself, but she cou