ATA Flash Fiction Winner

Our 2018 - Week 26 Winner is ...

Halfway through the year, and this week we have two excellent entries -

The Prompt:

This week is a bit different because both stories are winning stories, or would be if they weren't up against each other.

Mark Morris and Mil Ana have both turned out some amazing stories here over the past 26 weeks. Many times they both have winning stories and one will nudge the other out of place - it's the nature of competition - this week... well, I'm the judge and I feel both should win.

Let me explain -

We had two picture prompts, each chose a different prompt - both wrote amazing stories and they are totally different.

Mark Morris - You took the image and built a world full of atmosphere and imagery - you embedded the reader in the story and filled me with anticipation as I read the story - you built a world that lived and breathed in less than 400 words, and that alone warrants a round of applause. You told a complete story that left me with a smile (I always hit the ground before I wake)

Mil Ana - Your story was told in first person - it was all thought and perception. There was a lot of metaphor in you story that speaks to the reader on so many levels. The only problem I had with your story was I've seen you do a similar one, and that's not fair to you or this story because it needs to be judged by the individual story and, as I said, this was so deep and hit on so many levels - even waking up to the reality of an undeserving partner-- the love and passion doesn't go away.

You even gave your stories names (one of my pet peeves is an untitled story - it needs a name!)