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ATA Flash Fiction Contest 2018 - Week 28

Welcome to the Author Transformation Alliance's Weekly Flash Fiction contest.

We're halfway through the year, and we've had some amazing stories to date. I'm looking forward to seeing what the second half brings!

General rules

1) One entry per person

2) Be respectful

3) Be kind.

4) Leave comments (see rules 2 and 3)

5) Have fun.

This week - I offer two prompts to inspire you:

People at a table with laptop, pens, paper and drinks

This Week's Judge: Me -

Specific Rules:

In the comments, submit a story inspired by the image - word count 200- 400 words (not including title). Entries must be posted prior to Tuesday July 17th at 23:59 EST

Winners will be announced on Friday at Noon EST

Fine Print

The Author Transformation Alliance (ATA) Flash Fiction Contest is open to everyone, regardless of membership,

All rights belong to the individual authors.


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