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ATA Flash Fiction Winner Announcement

Our 2018 - Week 33 Winner is ...

I would like to apologize for this week's prompt. When I was setting things up, I had to find a new picture and I was wasting time looking at different items, and I remembered a fractal picture I used to have, and I've always liked how symetrical repeating patterns can be- lots of nooks and crannies for stories to hide... You all stepped up to the challenge in amazing colors.

This week' prompt:

It's harder to work with a prompt that is more abstract - stories tend to be abstract enough on their own, but what I love about the abstract is that it impacts us in ways we can't really describe... and yet, as writers it was your job to be inspired by the abstract and then share that impact with words.

It can be harder to see the prompt in the work, and yet I could. You both took something hard to describe and wrote a story that, when reading - I can see the prompt in your words.

Mark Morris - Reading your story, my first thought was "This is what madness feels like." You did an amazing job of looping us around the madness of shifting states, time dilation, and even orientation. This story haunted me long after reading it.

Mil Ana - .You took the image and wrote something with a unique twist - that stayed with me in another way. I never thought I'd be cheering for a van-- and yet, I did. You story made me smile and I kept coming back to that smile.

Something that stuck with me was the phrase: "We're definitely not" which I'm use to hearing "We definitely aren't" while the meaning is the same-- the feel is totally different.

As always I thank you for sharing your talents with us and keeping me on my toes!

This week's winner is:


by Mark A Morris

A turn, a flip, a sudden change of perspective.

Mari shut her eyes, holding her breath until things quietened. A bead of sweat ran up her neck, crested the curve of her jaw and caressed her cheek, heavily, slow-moving.

Another change, an inversion this time.

Up righted itself, switching places. Her body fell to the ground, the ceiling above. Her eyes were open now, time glitching as her chest worked at itself, expelling the breaths it required. Causality failing.


A stutter now, a girl. The woman gone, hormones rioting through her. Confusion. A common thread, linking her consciousness, tying the past to the future: all things in order even though they weren’t. A party with a cake. Candles. A boy. Adults speaking over her, voices deep and dull. She was smaller now, weaker, more dependent upon them. Her time surged and then dribbled, days as slow as molasses.

A wrench and a fall. The light bluer now. She was tall again, hands lined with dark veins. A chill took hold of her, grasping her until her bones ached, her movements slowing even as time’s flow accelerated, death and pain waltzing, playing ‘do-si-do’ with her and with everyone she loved, the music swelling and halting, swelling and…

A man. A man with deep-socketed eyes and a watch, a watch with a chain, its chain curving up and then in, securing it to a pocket. His waist-coat. Pinstripes. A moustache and pomander. A familiarity and a regret.

Not now.

Mari screamed, her voice fluting like glass shattering, the scent of roses rising and then smothering, oppressive and rank. Decaying. Death again. The man with the watch, his hand holding his timepiece, its hands matching his own, seconds ratcheting our past toward a mutual omega. The heat of youth draining, dying, chill flakes falling. Snow and leaves. Snow and leaves. Snow and leaves again.

The sun arced across the sky, severe and blinding. The moon followed, more serene, a cold eye in the dark.

A turn, a flip, a sudden change of perspective.

Mari shut her eyes, holding her breath until things quietened.

A bead of sweat ran up her neck, crested the arc of her jaw and then caressed her cheek, heavily and slow-moving.

Another change.

Congratulations and thanks to all - you are an amazing band of writers.

Tune in tomorrow for another installment of ... the ATA Flash Fiction Contest!

Join us for our Monthly Contest - where the winner will receive a 30 day trial membership to the Author Transformation Alliance.

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