ATA Flash Fiction Contest 2018 - Week 45

Welcome to the Author Transformation Alliance's Weekly Flash Fiction contest.

This week, again in honor of National Novel Writing Month, we're doing something a little different - This is a mad time for participating writers so - here's a chance to unwind let loose and have fun.

Please share your favorite lines from your Work in Progress, your favorite typo or just stories about writing

There is no judging, just sharing.

General rules

1) No purchase necessary/Enter as often as you like

2) Be respectful

3) Be kind.

4) Leave comments (see rules 2 and 3)

5) Have fun.

There is no Judge this week

The Prompt:

Specific Rules:

No word count, no fears!


The Author Transformation Alliance (ATA) Flash Fiction Contest is open to everyone, regardless of membership,

All rights belong to the individual authors.