ATA Flash Fiction 2019 A New Season begins

ATA Flash 2019 Header

As 2018 was coming to a close we began the process of reviewing this year's competition and discussing what we loved and what we wanted to change. The following is just the beginning, you will see the changes over the coming weeks -

1) We're going back to a 36 hour window to write your story.

2) The prompt will be posted at Noon on Saturday EST (unless otherwise announced)

3) The competition will close 36 hours later at Midnight on Sunday

4) Each week's winner will receive a winners badge and will be featured in the Author Transformation Alliance Social Media pages.

5) Once a month we will have a guest judge who will judge the competition. These monthly contests will be for a prize. We will be offering different prizes such as:

* Consulting time with Audrey

* Flash Workshops

* Special NaNoPrep for contrituers

* Editing

* Plotting sessions with Mary or Audrey

Look for more details in the coming weeks, and of course, stay tuned for the first contest of 2019 - on 1/5/2019

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