ATA Flash Fiction Winner Announcement

Our 2018 - Week 52 Winner is ...

The last competition of the year and we had two entries - both interesting and a great gift for the end of the year.

This week' prompt:

Kristina Failing- Your story is interesting since it focuses on celebration of lights, and the darkness that follows. It draws parallels between three different people, from three different cultures, all lamenting the coming darkness.

Mark A Morris - Your story involved a count down to a known event, all the while tying it to the countdown of time remaining with a loved one - the known/finite target, and unknowable measure of time that remains, making the celebration joyous and bittersweet.

Thank you both for the gift of your writing, and I look forward to reading more from you in 2019. As always there can be only winner, and the winner of this last contest of 2018, is Mark A. Morris for giving us reason to celebrate.

Congratulations - you have a free 30 day trial membership and another hour of editing in the bank. as for bragging rights:

Counting Down

by Mark A Morris

60 minutes remaining.

He embraced her again. He felt each of the twelve months that had come between them. She was slimmer now, her hair thinner and her eyes sunk more deeply. Today, his arms wrapped further around her, his hands almost reaching up to his own shoulders.

But she was still here, as she’d promised she’d be.