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ATA Flash Fiction Results 2019-15

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Sorry for the long delay - real life hit me hard, but I am happy to say I am back, and we are back on the air.

Week 15 Prompt

Glacial ice

This week's winning story is one of hope and life - and hope for a new life.

For your reading pleasure, we are proud to present


by Celeste Thrower

Out of the atmosphere, the passengers of USS Earhart were finally able to move about the ship. There was some small ruckus as the pods opened and everyone unclicked their harnesses, then all was quiet again. Their feet, covered in soft non-slip socks, made gentle whispering noises as they shuffled about. It seemed most everyone was going to the dining cabin to sit with family or friends. Lyra didn’t have either of those things, and she wasn’t hungry. She knew once they realized her situation that many of the passengers would resent her being here. She was in no rush to face questions. Instead opened the locker next to her pod chamber, pulled out a gray sweater, and made for the viewing chamber.

Lyra’s breath caught as she entered the viewing chamber and saw the beauty of space. She had expected a black void, but she saw Earth. It was slowing falling away, but she saw the polar ice caps, beautifully reflecting the sunlight. She could see stars and galaxies far in the distance. It was lovely. Far lovelier than she had anticipated. It was a long way, and a long time to their new home. She was glad it there would be more than darkness along the way.

Placing her hands on her slightly swollen belly, Lyra felt the child within kicking. This was her miracle, and her savior. If not for this child she would still be on Earth fighting to breathe, fighting for food, fighting for her life. Like so many others her husband had died in the Final War. She didn’t even know she carried a child until she had applied for relocation and been examined. She had always figured she would be infertile as had become more likely than not in the past two decades.

She knew the pregnancy was why her application had been approved. She was a talented artist and had a knack in the garden, but those weren’t on the essential skills list. At the end of the day she didn’t care. All that mattered now was getting to Arcadia and being able to raise this baby on a planet with fresh air. She didn’t doubt there would be hardships, but she could handle hard work. Smiling Lyra leaned her head against the viewing window and day-dreamed of holding her daughters’ hand and walking together under a new sun.

Congratulations, Celeste!

Stay Tuned for this week's ATA Flash Contest!

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