Review: Bishop Takes Knight

Finally, a paranormal romance that defies the stereotypes and the cringeworthy tropes.

I must admit, I greatly enjoy the idea of shifters, and I've even written one (very tame) shifter romance that was included in an anthology. But the more I see the ads on Facebook with "first chapters" and hear about the rape-y vibes, the more I'm convinced it's not the genre for me.

Anyone who knows me is aware of my intense hatred for and aversion to human trafficking, but a lot of times that seems to be what many of these stories are peddling: a captive woman, physically and emotionally abused, subject to the "urges" of the Alpha male of a pack, and somehow the story strives to convince the reader that this is what love looks like.

Really, really not my jam. I had enjoyed some parts of a Christine Feehan book recommended to me (I thought it was well written, and she had a clear voice and style) but it was the same unfortunate thing. Some rich, leopard-shifter kidnaps this woman, keeps her on an island and treats her like garbage until she falls in love with him. What the-? Stockholm syndrome much?

So, imagine my surprise when I realized that a paranormal romance author inside our private group, the Author Transformation Alliance (ATA), writes shifter romances that defy those negative tropes and ste