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Member Hot Seats

Would you like to have your authorship in the hot seat for our July group mentoring? When you accept a hot seat you get individual attention for the challenges you're facing and mentoring unique to your situation. Three people will be selected to have their biggest obstacles addressed individually in 20-minute time blocks. If you need help right away, the fastest way to get individual attention is to post about it in an Office Hours event! 

Send me a message on Facebook or email me at to inquire about getting the hot seat!

Member-Only Discounts

If you need one-on-one time to beat challenges in building your audience, improve your social media presence, overcome mental blocks, defeat overwhelm and have a detailed plan to move forward, or plan a book launch then my breakthrough sessions are exactly what the word doctor orders! As a member of the Author Transformation Alliance, you get an exclusive discount on all services, even during flash sales - you get an added discount. Your discount code can be found in the files section of our Facebook Group. Here is the schedule for additional services:


- Monthly Mentoring Package $500  $400


- 60-minute Author Focus Session $127  $97


- 45-minute Author Breakthrough Intensive $97  $75

Member Spotlights

Want some extra promotional opportunities? Each week we'll highlight an ATA member and promote them across our social media networks. This is a great opportunity to get increased exposure to either boost your social media following, add new subscribers to your email list, or promote an upcoming release or flash sale! This is a free service for members so take advantage of it and encourage your writing buddy to do so as well! 


Go to the ATA Facebook Group and search "Author Spotlight" to see available openings! 

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