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Social Media Training

Whether you want foot traffic to your business, increased sales during slow periods, or to ensure your digital presence is standing apart from the competition, we can teach you how to effectively use social media and Google to reach your goals.


Our training options will not only increase your knowledge and proficiency, but help you maximize your time online and propel the growth of your business.  


Courses can be provided in-person, or can be conducted in a live, online webinar. All situations and needs can be accommodated. 


Training includes:


  • Full-Day Social Media Mastery Course 

  • Facebook Mastery Course

  • Facebook Advertising Ace

  • Google Guru

  • Instagram Whiz

  • LinkedIn Expert

  • YouTube Virtuoso

  • Twitter Hot Shot

  • Pinterest Artiste

In-Depth Market Analysis

Understanding the market and your place in it is critical to strategically positioning your business within your niche. We dive deep locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally to find comparable businesses and compare their online presence and positioning to yours.


This In-Depth Market Analysis will provide you with a thorough understanding of your position and offer you a strong foundation from which to move forward with creating an actionable strategy. 

Social Media Setup & Makeovers

Whether you're preparing for a launch or need a makeover, we can help ensure that your brand is communicated properly online. We will design your page to attract your target audience, and use our professional copywriting skill to optimize your page for consumer searches. 

Social Media Marketing Strategy

A long-term strategy is critical to your success in every aspect of business - social media marketing is not an exception to that rule. 


With a long-term social media strategy you can:

  • Ensure the effective positioning of your brand

  • Demonstrate consistency to you customers

  • Provide an active presence

  • Improve search ranking

  • Ensure heightened awareness of sales & promotions

  • Steadily grow and connect with your fan base


This service involves a one-day session with key leaders to develop a detailed calendar over 12 months. This calendar will integrate social media activity with dates important to the business, holidays, community events, special promotions, sales events, and more. 


After this session has been completed, you will receive a complete calendar with a complete and detailed plan for your social media activity. 

Specialized Training

Would you like to book a short training (usually over lunch) for your staff? We'll be happy to accommodate all of your needs on any topic of your choice. 


These training sessions are especially helpful for:

  • Hospitality

    • Restaurants

    • Bars

    • Clubs

    • Hotels

    • Resorts

    • Recreation

  • Real Estate

  • Automotive - Dealerships, Repair, Parts

Content Creation

Do you need....


          Blog posts?


          Video scripts?


          Press Releases? 


          Help generating great ideas and creating them?


          General Copyediting?


We do all of that - and we'd be happy to help you!

Ongoing Social Media Management

While we're happy to train owners, managers, and staff, we also know that sometimes you just want someone to do what they're best at so you can focus on what you're best at. 


We focus all of our professional energy into fulfilling a strategic, long-term goal inspired campaign that will get you specific, measurable, and surprisingly satisfying results.  


Do you want to take your business to the next level? This is an efficient, effective way to do it.


Know that you need social media help but you're not sure where to start? 


Contact us today to book an obligation-free, 30-minute consultation call. 


Provide your name, phone number, URLs, and email address. We'll send you our calendar to book a time that's convenient for you from our current openings.


Prior to the call, we'll evaluate your digital presence and prepare to give you a professional opinion, answer all of your questions, and give you five steps for action that you can take immediately to improve your situation.

Success! Message received.

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