ATA Flash Fiction Winner

January 12, 2018

Our 2018 - Week 1 Winner is Mark A Morris





 by  Mark A Morris 


The scribe dipped his quill and then tapped it against the inkwell.


“So, it’s copperplate you want? Half an inch in height?”


I nodded. It was as it should be. There were certain standards that had to be upheld.


“And how about illuminations? I can do some beautiful ones. 


Insets too. Any theme you like… although I do specialise in cats.”


“Cats? Are you sure?”


“Yes. They’re all the vogue right now.”


“No. I think not. It wouldn’t be appropriate.” I looked toward the door. It was getting late and there were still other scribes to see.


“Maybe lions? I can do those well - it’s only a matter of scaling. Although, they would all need to be lionesses. I could never get the hang of manes. They’re not natural, not at all. You’d never see one on a cat.”


“No.” I coughed. “Maybe you could just do nature. Nature and castles. That’s what I want.”


“Nature? That’s trees and the like. Fauna and flora, right?”


“Yes, but I think…”


“And cats. Cats are fauna.” He seemed rather pleased with himself, his smile widening until his teeth appeared. Both of them.


“Yes. Yes…I suppose. But not too many…”


“No. Of course not, sire.” He began to leaf through his pattern book, flicking through page after page of illustrations. “Now, I can do you a kitten with a skull, just knocking it about. It’d give you the kind of gravitas you’re after, don’t you think?”


“Well,” I said. “I’m not…”


“And another one lying on its back. Sleeping, like, only you can say it’s something else. Given the message you want me to write.”


“Yes. Yes. Fine. If that’s what you think. Now…the message…can I dictate?”


He nodded and then I coughed, clearing my throat.


“Repent, all ye now, because…”








Congratulations: Mark!



Tune in tomorrow for a new challenge




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