ATA Flash Fiction Winner

January 19, 2018

Our 2018 - Week 2 Winner is Mark A Morris








The sun skimmed the horizon and the light began to fade. Across the bay, the lighthouse took up its duty, its powerful lantern turning and brightening to full intensity. Waves pushed driftwood against the beach, nudging the dried seaweed at the high-tide mark, and three figures waited there for the day to end.

“I’d swear it on my mother’s grave. I saw one yesterday!”

Lewis scowled. “But she’s not dead yet. What kind of oath do you call that?”

Marty shrugged. “A good one. Figures I’m betting her life on it. What ya think about that?”

His friend laughed. “I’m hardly likely to collect on it, whatever happens.”

The third man remained quiet, his hand held up his brow, shading his eyes. He was studying the coastline, watching the peninsula to the west, the sun making it difficult to make out finer details. He had a pair of binoculars around his neck and he lifted them, scanning the individual rocks standing proud of the sea in front of the cliffs.

“You could hire a hitman,” Marty continued, watching the waves drawing back from the beach. “She’s worth quite a bit. I could pay you back. Maybe settle the bail guarantee for you if they try to send you down for it. I’d be sole beneficiary, so I’d be good for it.”

“Seems to me the risk’s all mine,” Lewis replied. “I mean, what’s the chance I’m gonna collect? Not that I’d off your Mom, of course…”

A soft cough disturbed them both and the third man, Hawkins, raised his hand, tugging firmly at Marty’s leg.

“I think your mother’s safe,” he murmured. “I see them. Three of them. Mermaids.”


-- by Mark A. Morris








Congratulations: Mark!



Tune in tomorrow for a new challenge




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