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Get the support you need...

To reach more readers, sell more copies, and write more books. 

The Author Transformation Alliance provides monthly group coaching, in-depth training, live Q&A sessions, guest expert masterclasses with exclusive Q&A sessions, and more! It's like having an expert team at your fingertips - every single month...


without spending thousands of dollars...

without waiting three years to get published...

without sacrificing the hours that could be spent with your family...

without the burnout that comes with being stuck!


The Alliance restricts new member registration to just a few times throughout the year so that we can ensure we are providing a rave-worthy experience for all members. This is a limited opportunity to join outside of regular enrollment and get a sweet deal on your first month to make sure that the Alliance is the right place for you.


After you join you get INSTANT access to all of these powerful authorship-building goodies! 

Group Coaching

Every month all members are invited to two live group coaching sessions. Three members will be in the hot-seat receiving individual attention and support.

Live Q&A Sessions

Each month we'll host a LIVE Q&A session to answer all of your questions about that month's course. All questions are answered!

In-Depth Training

We have an extensive course library compiled to empower you in social media marketing, digital advertising, technology & tools, productivity, and more.

Guest Experts

A new masterclass created by a guest expert will be added each month so you have exclusive access to expert training designed especially for authors! 

Guest Expert Q&A

The Alliance hosts live Q&A sessions with a featured guest expert so you can get all of your most pressing questions answered!


Monthly growth challenges; tech walkthroughs; our private Facebook group; opportunities for promotion across our networks; chances to win private consultations and graphics packages, among other great prizes!

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